Crisproot Chips

So Christmas came early to the Clegg household this year. A few weeks back, I had contacted a company called Crisproot. I had seen their product through a blog I was following - can't tell you which one at this point- and wrote to them inquiring about their product. As an organizer for the Lansing Gluten Free Fair, I was wondering if they may want to join us next fall. I was highly impressed when I was e-mailed promptly and was asked if we might want to sample some of their products. Obviously I said yes, because who would turn down free food. I was expecting a small box of samples, but we received 12 full size bags of their four flavors- Original, Sea Salt, BBQ, and Thai Ginger.

On their website, you can find suggested dips to go with each of their flavors. They suggest Red Pepper Hummus for their Thai Ginger, and it just so happened that I had some in the fridge that I had made a few days before. They suggested a cucumber dip for the Sea Salt, so we bought some of the Marzetti's Cucumber Dill Feta Otria Yogurt Dip. Talk about awesome.

So, family members got to try them at Christmas at our house and they were a huge hit. The Thai Ginger and hummus really are great together, and the chips are so crunchy. I love that they have twice the fiber than regular chips, and that they are made with Cassava instead of potatoes. It's good to try new thanks Crisproot!

**Since posting this I think Crisproot may have gone out of business. Here's their Twitter  link.