December Savorfull Box

**Update- Savorfull no longer ships their boxes directly to homes, but now instead partners with businesses to provide healthy and allergen-free snacks for the workplace. They are a Detroit area business, and carry many Michigan-Made products like The Gluten-Free Bar and B'Bites. If you would like to see Savorfull items in your business break-room, visit Savorfull's website.**

I received my second Savorfull box this week. When I went to open the box, I had turned it over on it's side, revealing an interesting logo on the bottom. It's the logo for the Michigan Box Company. I think it's wonderful that the gang at Savorfull is trying to make every effort to support local, Michigan companies. I don't live in Detroit so I don't  know that I would ever use their services, but I still think it's cool. 

    So, much like Christmas morning, I anticipate what I will find once I open my box! There are all sorts of goodies inside. I am really excited about the Mrs. Glee's all purpose flour, as I've never tried it. I love their pasta though, and I really appreciate that is made from bean flours. So many gluten free flours are overly processed, void of fiber and real nutrients. And it's Michigan made!
    There are other small packages inside- a package of Sunbutter, a GoGo squeeze package of berry applesauce, and a small package of Kelapo coconut oil. I've never cooked with coconut oil, so this will be an interesting feet when I attempt it. I'll make sure to write a separate blog about that! There was also an Enjoy Life Sugar Crisp cookie...that didn't last long. :)

Savorfull also includes a "What's in this box" card, that tells more about each product, and what the usual retail cost is. It also includes a list of recipes that can me made with the items in the box. Members simply log-in to the Savorfull webpage and recipes and other tips await them! I'm eager to try the Tofu Curry with the coconut oil and the Sweet Potato Gnocchi, although I might substitute leftover squash that I have in the freezer....