Okay, so the majority of my blog posts are intended to be about living gluten free. But years ago, I had written some devotionals when I felt that God was speaking into my life. My husband had suggested I should start a blog, but I had no idea how to to do it and I was afraid.  So now, periodically, I am going to share some of them for a few reasons; one, to honor my husband, and secondly that maybe one or a few of them may give hope or encouragment to someone else.
So here goes....


I met God at a football game.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to go to the U of M vs. Utah football game with my friend and her family. My friend’s father had four season tickets for their family, and her brother and sister couldn’t make it. I’m not a huge football fan, but my husband convinced me to go and get away for the day.

            After eating lunch together, the four of us made our way to our seats at the top row of the stadium. I had never been to The Big House before, so I was taking it all in- the crowds, the excitement, the grandness of it all. It was at this time that I looked over my ticket.

            I was startled when I looked at the price on the ticket stub. I asked my friend if the stated $50 fee was what her father actually paid. She nonchalantly said, “Yeah.” I was dumbfounded. I barely knew her dad, and I had never really done anything to deserve such a kind gesture. I’m not poor, but my budget couldn’t really afford to repay this amount. Even more, he wasn’t interested in me paying him back. Why would he do sucha  thing? I just sat there saying “oh my” repeatedly to myself.

            It was in that moment that I heard from God. He told me:

“This is what my grace is like.”

It is a gift, nothing to be earned or paid back. He gives it freely, simply because He can. Even more, the price paid for this grace is something that we can never truly repay, because the cost was so great. Jesus died for us, gave up His life, simply so that He can repair our broken relationship.

                                                   Why in the world would God do such a thing?
                                                             Simply because He loves us.

This simple but profound truth is something I don’t think I can even begin to wrap my head around. But I also realize that I don’t have to comprehend it, all I have to do is accept it, and let the freedom of it to allow me to stop trying to earn my way into His grace.

                                                              Oh my… oh my… oh my……..