Letting Go

This article was written a few years ago during the Christmas season, and I thought I would share it again now. Enjoy, and I promise I will have some blog posts soon about gluten free living! :-)

I was struck by something the other day when I was listening to a sermon about Mary. God had to let go of His only son.
I don’t have any children of my own, so I can’t begin to fathom what that would be like to give up a child. That would be heart-wrenching.
As I think about it even more, “letting go” is a recurring theme throughout the Bible. Abraham had to be willing to sacrifice his son, Jochabed had to be willing to let go of Moses in the Nile, even Jesus had to be willing to leave His sheep that God had entrusted to Him. Paul even talks about letting go of all the things that are important in His life. (Phil 3:8-9)
But one simple truth continues through all of these circumstances- God has even something better in store than what you let go of. Abraham was allowed to keep Isaac and was further blessed as the father of all believers. Moses’ mother was not only able to keep her son and care for him, but was paid to boot. And although the disciples lost Jesus physically, they received the Holy Spirit, which would live in them and reside with them every day, not to mention eternal life with Jesus forever.
And what did Paul receive? The one thing that we all want- to be embraced by Christ, true love.
So instead of getting things this Christmas, maybe you need to let something go. What are you holding on to that seems so important? Control, anger, possessions, looking good in front of others, getting your own way? Sometimes we’ve held on to these things for so long that we don’t know what life will be like without those things. I promise you, God will replace it with something greater.
So let us wait with expectancy for the gifts that God is going to give us now & in the New Year.