Betty Lou's Peanut Butter Nut Butter Ball

     I had heard of this company through Facebook, and saw that they were doing a giveaway with some of their products. When of the requirements of the entry was to write them a comment, so I shared that I was eager to try their snacks, but was uncertain of where to fine their products. They wrote me right back, letting me know where I could find their products. When I shared with them that I was doing a gluten free blog, they were gracious enough to send me a few samples. One of the items in the bag was this nut butter ball. [I will write about the other two items in another blog post.]
     One of the first things that I noticed while looking at the packaging was that it contained 190 calories. While I am on Phase 2 of the CurvesComplete program, my snacks are supposed to be around 200 calories, so this fits in perfectly. Then when I read through the nutrition facts, I noticed that it had 15 grams of protein. That's fantastic. The 8 grams of fat is 2 more than Curves would suggest for a snack, but there is only 1.5 grams of saturated fat, which is really low, and there are NO trans fats. It's also fortified with B Vitamins. And of course, it's gluten free, along with being corn and soy free.
     Aside from nutrition facts, it's also made with organic peanut butter and organic agave syrup. Another benefit is that it is made from NON-GMO ingredients. It's so nice to see more and more companies trying to stay away from GMO's,  as I feel there really hasn't been enough research about them and we have no idea what GMO's are doing to our bodies.
     So, enough about product information. After my bowl of Cozy Comfort Chili, I eagerly unwrapped the nut ball. It was definitely peanut buttery, creamy yet crunchy at the same time because of the peanuts and whey protein crisps, and slightly sweet. I definitely needed a glass of water to go with it. As always, I have my husband try it as well, because after 10 years of eating gluten free, I rely on his tastebuds a lot. He enjoyed it as well and stated that it reminded him of a Payday candy bar. [Speaking of candy bars, keep an eye out for my next post when I review Betty Lou's Dark Angell Chocolate Candy bar and their Cherry fruit bar, which both contain gluten-free oats.]
     Great job Betty Lou's on not only having a tasty product, but having a healthy snack that's full of protein yet low on fat.