January 2013 Savorfull box

     I just received my Savorfull box the other day. There it was, waiting for me happily at the door as I went to go check my mail. I was so impressed on how quickly it came too. I was even happier when I looked inside.
     Quite a few of the items are new to me, but I was super excited to see the Enjoy Life Crunchy Flax cereal. I love, love, love this stuff. It's great on yogurt when you want an added crunch, since most of us with celiac disease cannot tolerate oats and can t have granola. It's a little on the pricey side, so I only allow myself to have it from time to time. So glad that Savorfull sent me a box.
      The WOW water in the box, and they generously supplies two bottles in different flavors, are not something that I've ever heard of before. I do like though that they support the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. There is a connection between Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease, since both are auto-immune diseases. Plus, there is no high fructose corn-syrup. I'm really interested to try the Tropical Citrus Chicken recipe that can be found on Savorfull's website.
      I'm really impressed to see that with the Flax Bar that it is under 200 calories and it's so large. So many health bars out there are small and loaded with calories. I can substitute this bar for a 200 calorie breakfast and I'm sure I'll have a full belly. Savorfull suggests creating a Good Eats Meatloaf, but I love me some chocolate, so I doubt it will make it all that far. :)
     I've never had red tea, so it will be interesting to try the Organo Gold Red tea and Green Tea. Their brochure shows that they also sell coffee {which my husband would love} and hot chocolate {which I would love.} All of their products contain Gandoderma, which is an extraction from boiling mushroom/herbs. Also, it appears they sell soap and toothpaste. Who knew?
     I love almonds, a great source of Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant. Why is this important you ask? It is this antioxidant that helps prevent the hardening of your arteries and can lower your cholesterol. So eat a half ounce of almonds a day to lead to better heart health. While you're at it, eat The Health Nut Uniqely Crunchy Almonds. They're sprouted. And they provide free delivery if you live in Oakland County, MI. Gotta love local. I m eating them right now with my husband. They ARE uniquely crunchy and tasty. Mmmmm, almonds. :) My husband says they are dry and crunchy, but fresh tasting.
       The last two items in the box are coupons or advertisements. I think ThaiFeast is cool. I met the proprietors when I was at the Celiac Awareness Tour. I tried their product and it was good. I love Pad Thai, and it's frustrating to try to eat at Asian restaurants because of the soy sauce. She told me a really cool story about Clint Eastwood of all people. It turns out that they catered the food for the movie "Gran Torino" that was filmed in Detroit. So their business card has a picture of her sweet mom and Clint Eastwood. I think that is so cool. How many companies can boast that?  In the box, there is a coupon for 30 dollars off a case of 6 meals, which are originally 66 dollars.  I you go to their website and click on locations, you can find where you can buy their products in the greater Detroit area, like at Nino Salvaggio's and Westborn Market's.
       Last but not least is Olli Lolli. It is allergy aware clothing for kids It provides an easy way for kids to carry their medication and information that looks trendy and hip. I could tell you more, but I highly suggest that you go to their webiste and check out the cool clothes for yourself. Heck, I might buy the clothes for kids whether they had allergies or not, because you couldn't use more pockets, right?
       Well, the almonds are gone now. And it's almost dinner time, so I guess I better get cooking. We're having "brinner," you know, breakfast for dinner Meijer has a new line of chicken sausages that have dramatically less fat, and are labeled gluten free and pork free right on the front. [My hubby is pork free, so this is especially important to us.] So hashbrowns, apple maple sausage, and probably an orange are on the docket for tonight. How about you?