Cheese and Crackers

      I tried some new crackers recently that I think are going to be my new favorite. I received some samples of Lentil Crackers made by the Mediterranean Snacks company. They come in Cracked Pepper, Rosemary Herb, and Sea Salt. They vaguely remind me of Wheat Thins, which I haven't had in years. They make my mouth happy. They're slightly salty and very buttery. The Cracker Pepper has a bite to it, that sneaks up on you after you have eaten a few. I think my husband likes these the best.
      I tried all three flavors...I think the Rosemary Herb is my favorite. I paired it with some Snofrisk Norseland goat cheese that we bought at Whole Foods. While the picture in the link shows a spreadable cheese, the cheese we purchased was semi-soft and able to be sliced. They were fantastic together. Another benefit of this particularly cheese is that there's only 80 calories per ounce. I highly recommend buying it if you can find it.
     Some added benefits of products from this company.....Almost all of their products are gluten free, they're made without GMO's, and their crackers have 4 grams of protein.  That last fact really impressed me. They also make lentil chips, veggie straws, and will soon be coming out with Hummus Crispz- in roasted red pepper,  roasted garlic, and olive tapenade. These sound especially tasty.
     There is a coupon for a dollar off any of their products on their website. I highly suggest taking advantage of it and trying them for yourself. There is a store locator link on their website to find where their products are sold closest to you. I have purchased them before at T.J Maxx and Meijer is considering carrying them soon and selling them for 2.99 a box, which is incredibly reasonable.