Punjabi Curry

     I was blessed to attend an even from a local Meijer store where they requested the presence of the local celiac support group. It was so refreshing to have a company come to the gluten free community to ask what things we were looking to have, versus us having to just buy what they carry. They shared samples of new products that they are looking to carry to get our input. One of the product lines,  cooksimple, is made by a company called Healthy Pantry. All of their products are certified gluten free. They're made from whole foods with no added sugar and no preservatives that I can see.
     This Punjabi Curry is one of 8 different products that they makes. Other flavors include Skillet Lasagna, Tibetan Dal, Tamale Pie, Cowboy Chili, White Bean Chili, New Orleans Jambalaya, Cranberry Wild Rice, and Asian Burgers. I also received a box of one of the chili mixes, but i haven't tried it yet. I would be very interested in trying the Tibetan Dal as well.
     I made the curry the other night, as Indian food is my new favorite love. We often make Indian food from scratch at home- we even have our own big bag of turmeric and garam masala from our local Indian market. So I was really excited to have an easy Indian meal I could make at home. I was surprised that it called for 20 oz. of chicken for only four servings, but each serving prepared was only 370 calories. The meal is simple- all you need to add is water and fresh chicken. It only takes 30 minutes to cook as well. It was pretty tasty, although I've been spoiled by making our own curry, so I would have liked a stronger curry flavor. Then again, if you're making a product for a mass market, it's better to go a little lighter on the spice and add more of your own if interested. I liked that it had large peas and raisins in it.
    I don't usually buy boxed meals, but these meals would be great to have on hand, especially at my in-laws or any time that you're traveling to another home. And I love that there aren't ingredients with long names that you can't pronounce. I hope that Meijer ends up carrying this product so that all of you may try it for yourself.