Cherbourg Bakery

Cherbourg Bakery Logo on Wall

I found the most wonderful dedicated gluten free bakery on our way back from South Carolina. On our last day of driving, we stopped off at Cherbourg Bakery, just outside of Columbus, Ohio. I'm so thankful for the Find Me Gluten Free App for listing places like this! The gentleman who helped us that day, Patrick, was so nice...he even took the above picture for us. I unfortunately failed to get the name of the young and beautiful blond-haired girl who was busy making up the next batch of gluten-free goodies, as she was very congenial as well. :) 

Being that my husband and I met in French class, I just had to take a picture of the sign pictured below. Based on this sign, I'm assuming their bakery is named after the quaint seaside region of Cherbourg in the north of France, situated near Normandy. The inside of the bakery definitely had a French cafe feel to it. 

Cherbourg Bakery Bienvenue

Cherbourg Bakery Gluten-free Baked Goods
In the front row- homemade breads and cupcakes, white glazed chocolate chip muffins, and squirrel cookies
In the back row, powdered and chocolate donuts, madeleines, and espresso chocolate brownies.

Cherbourg Bakery has so many delectable items, I wish I could have eaten them all. From their website, it states that their products are "made with minimally processed ingredients, from as many local resources as we can muster." They also sell local pour-over coffee, that my step mother rather enjoyed and I know my husband would have LOVED. As Patrick was describing their wares, I was salivating at each of them. Luckily, Patrick let me sample a few before I purchased them. Had I not had such a huge breakfast at our hotel in West Virgina, I would have bought a piece of their egg strata, made from "made with caramelized onion, chevre, basil and sun-dried tomatoes." You can see a picture of this delectable creation below, on a small stand just in front of the donuts. (Which I believe he said the donuts are baked, not fried, so that they are healthier.) 

Cherbourg Bakery S'mores Bars
In the front left- homemade cornbread and S'mores bars.
Just behind the cornbread is the polenta cake and tuxedo cupcakes, and to the right of that, the citrus poundcake. 

So, decisions, decisions. What to buy? I ended up walking away that day with a S'mores bar, (which is make from gingersnaps), an Espresso brownie (which my husband adored), and the polenta cake. I'm so glad that Patrick allowed me a sample of the polenta cake, or I may have missed it. It has a mild sweetness with a hint of citrus, and the savory flavors of the corn and rosemary. It may have been my favorite. I did not purchase a squirrel cookie, although my dad did, but I  included a close up picture because they're SO cute! 

Cherbourg Bakery Gluten-Free Squirrel Cookie

So the next time you are in the greater Columbus area, I HIGHLY suggest stopping in, whether you eat gluten free or not, as your tastebuds will greatly thank you. Try one of their famous double lemon bars! Patrick said that he had been a customer there for a long time before he even realized that their products were gluten free! And check out their Facebook page which has even more pictures of their food, a link to their blog, and even a few of their recipes! 

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