Goldbaum's Ice Cream Cones

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! It's the beginning of June here in Michigan, and summer temperatures are slowly creeping in to place. So it's the perfect time for an ice cream cone, right?

When you have Celiac disease or another cause that requires you to eat gluten free, going to an ice cream parlor and getting a cone are out of the question. (Actually, there are some really great shops that will let you bring your own if you ask nicely.) When I was diagnosed with Celiac more than ten years ago, I truly missed having a giant waffle cone full of wonderful ice cream. But even though you may have to forego a cone in the ice cream parlor, you don't have to go without the cone altogether.

Goldbaum's makes many variety of ice cream cones, including the traditional cake cone, as well as a regular sugar cone, a cocoa sugar cone,and a jumbo sugar cone.  With so many choices, how does one decide a favorite?!

While on a recent trip to see my sister, I stopped at a Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop. I tried their Banana Peanut Butter Greek Frozen Yogurt, and LOVED it. Luckily, they also sell it in pints, so my husband used the store locator on their website to find the closest store that sold it. When he got home, I got out my favorite Pampered Chef 1 oz. scoop and used that to serve our our ice cream cones. I tried the cake cone and my husband tried the sugar cone. In all honesty, I've always preferred the cake cones to the sugar cone....I think it's something about the shape. And I also love the fact that the cake cones are only 10 calories versus the 40 calories for a sugar cone.

Also the cones are packaged really well. I will admit, there was one broken cone per box, but that can happen even with regular ice cream cones. They were easy to get apart from each other. I say this only because, years ago, I purchased some gluten free waffle cones. Although they tasted great, they stuck together and broke apart when you tried to get one out. So Goldbaum's get an A+ in my book for making sure your cones get to you intact and are easy to get apart.

***Update 10/4/13- I recently tried the gluten free Joy Cones....Goldbaum's is WAY better!!!! Joy's had a funky taste to them and their were more broken cones in the box than in the Goldbaums's.***