Gluten Free Chebe Cherry Hand Pies

So I follow Chebe on Facebook, and there are amazing pictures of food and recipes that are always making my mouth water. And I always say to myself, I don't need the extra calories and I'll make fun stuff like that later.....Well, it's later.

I had a leftover can of cherry pie filling (I had used some of it to make a gluten free cake for a picnic.) And I remembered all these pictures of calzones and pizzas, and thought..."I have a cinnamon Chebe mix and leftover cherries. Let's make individual pies!"

Chebe Cherry Hand Pie Ingredients

It just so turns out that there is a recipe on Chebe's website for blueberry hand pies, and you can use different mixes that they make, and the cinnamon roll mix was one of them. Totally excited. So at 8 pm on a Tuesday night, I got to work.

I made a few alterations to the recipe, which turned out to be a mistake I think. Obviously, I chose to use cherry pie filling instead of blueberry filling. Not a big deal. But then, I used milk instead of water, because I had milk that was about to turn and I wanted to use it up. And then I added a little more milk too...big mistake because it made it overly sticky. I added some all purpose flour that I had to thicken it up, but it was still sticky.

I floured my work surface and the tops of my dough to make it work a little bit better, but they didn't seal very well. The seams separated and the cherries leaked out. I stuffed them back in as well as I could.

They were really tasty though. My husband really enjoyed them, and I even covered a few of them with leftover cherry frosting from the cake that I had made. I packaged them in a large Tupperware container and kept them in the refrigerator so they wouldn't spoil. We took them up north with us while we were on vacation. I probably should have tried to freeze them, save myself the calories, and save them for later. But they didn't make it past Sunday morning. I told myself we had to eat the last one, because I was about to do the dishes, and I needed to clean the container, right? ;)

Seriously, I would love to try this again, although maybe with the all purpose mix and make calzone. The Chebe bread before it is baked seems so small, but it bakes up nice and puffy. I can just imagine a calzone filled with pizza sauce, mushrooms, spinach and mozzarella cheese. But that will have to wait until next month. I gained more weight during this vacation than I care to admit! (although I did see a substitution on Facebook for using yogurt that I'd love to try. Or maybe I should be done with the substitutions!)

Have you used Chebe products? What's your favorite mix and what is your favorite way to use it? Have you come up with some recipes using Chebe that you would be willing to share?