Chebe Focaccia

I think for my waistline's sake, I need to quit looking at Facebook. The pictures posted on Chebe's facebook feed all look delicious, and make me want to get in the kitchen.

I was having a board meeting at my house Tuesday night, and I had some tomatoes I needed to use up before I left for vacation.... and I didn't have fixings for a salad....but I had a box of Chebe focaccia mix. Yum!

I've never made focaccia before. I looked up some traditional recipes on the internet, and all of them called for yeast...and no cheese. Chebe mixes are yeast free, and often call for cheese. Because, well, cheese is good! So after not heading instruction well with the cherry pies, I figured I better follow the instructions.

So I added the ingredients together and added a little less cheese than they called for, as I planned to put a little on top. I put it in a deep dish Pampered Chef baking stone instead of a 9' pie pan, and put it in the oven.

So here's the focaccia before I put it in the oven.....

And after it came out......

(Somehow the second picture is taken in a different light, so you can't see the full beauty of it. It baked up so nice and puffy, full of cheese and rich flavor. The smell as it came out of the oven was so wonderful. I definitely need to use their mix for pizza sometime.)

And at the end of the night there were only 4 small pieces left. And there were only 5 of us at the meeting!

Big score for Chebe. I hope Gluten Free Saver does another deal with Chebe, as that is how I had so many boxes in my cupboard.