Wow Wow (GF) Chow Mein

When I received my box of GF goodies from Goldbaum's, I was so excited to see GF chow mein noodles. I don't know of ANY other GF chow mein noodles on the market. I can't even remember the last time I had a chow mein noodle. So what does one do with GF chow mein noodles, other than the obvious oriental dish?


That's right, I said salad. I've seen salads garnished with chow mein noodles for the longest time, at potlucks and parties, and looking longingly, knowing that I could not partake. With an upcoming family picnic, I was all excited to finally try it out. I searched the net for recipes and found one on Allrecipes that looked great. 

The original recipe calls for bok choy, but I'm more of a lettuce gal. The recipe on the net showed cranberries, but I chose to do small wedges of fresh mandarin oranges instead. (Those canned oranges are just nasty.) My family is not what I would call adventurous in what they eat, so I was slightly concerned that they wouldn't enjoy this dish, with a dressing made from soy sauce. 

To my pleasant surprise, my uncle absolutely LOVED it. Apparently this is one of his favorite salads. Since the chow mein noodles are quite crisp, I mixed them in the salad a good half hour to hour before eating. Perfect texture! 

BTW, the chow mein noodles are great to crunch on their own. My husband said that they reminded him of regular chow mein noodles. Score!