Among Friends Baking Mixes

While researching companies for the Lansing Gluten Free Fair, I came across a relatively new company called Among Friends, based out of Ann Arbor Michigan. They have recently acquired a dedicated facility to manufacture their gluten free line of cookie mixes that use gluten-free oats. 

They were generous enough to send me a bag of each of their mixes- the Phil "Em Up Chocolate Cranberry cookie mix and the Shane's Sweet and Spicy Ginger Molasses cookie mix. 

These cookies are so easy to make. You only need to add an egg, some vanilla, and some butter.

I mixed together the Phil "Em Up cookies and used my Pampered Chef mini scoop to place them on the cookie sheet. Lining the sheet with a silpat made for very easy baking, and even easier removal. 

When I made the Ginger Molasses cookies, I still used my Pampered Chef scoop, but cut the portions in half. I'm really glad that I did, because they spread out quite a bit. 

To make sure I wasn't hoarding all this sweetness to myself, I shared them with my celiac support group, CSA Chapter #59. One member remarked that she really enjoyed the chocolate cranberry cookies. I still have issues with oats, but I did take a small sample of the molasses ginger cookies and I thought they were good. There was a recipe card in the box of cookies that called for making the molasses cookies into pie crust, and I bet that would be really tasty. 

All in all, a good product, and made even better that it is a Michigan company. Unfortunately they can't come to the Lansing Gluten Free Fair, so make sure to check out their website to see where you can locate their products for yourself!. 

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