Kroger goes gluten free

I've been a hard core Meijer shopper most of my life. It's a Michigan company, their produce is fantastic, and you can get almost anything you need in one location. 

But Kroger is slowly creeping it's way to the top of my grocery store list. It had already started happening after we moved to Flint, because the Kroger store is right around the corner. Plus they carry Bob's Red Mill products, which Meijer discontinued carrying. In all honesty, it has been easier to tell friends and family to pick up gluten free items at Kroger than any other store, because their gluten free section is almost always near the front of the store and always easy to find. 

Then I discovered their Android App for my Smartphone which makes it easier to recall which electronic coupons I have clipped. 

And now Kroger had broken into the gluten free market by carrying store brand items that are gluten free. 
I'm pretty excited actually! When I saw the following products in the store, I had to get out my smartphone to immediately take a picture! In all honesty, I have yet to purchase any of these products, but I just discovered a digital coupon for the "Simple Truth" line of waffles, which I assume is usable on the gluten free items as well. Finding their gluten free pasta was somewhat of a happy surprise. I was actually seeing if they carried any of the new gluten free pastas by major brand names that have been making the news on the nets. I did find the gluten free Ronzoni pasta, but was pleasantly surprised to find the new Kroger store brand gluten free pasta. 

So, go to your local Kroger store and see what you can find. I bet you won't be disappointed. And say a prayer for us, as I'm hoping to get them to come to the Lansing Gluten Free Fair, as I think it would be a great opportunity to display their new product. (Meijer told us they were unable to come.....) 

I <3 blueberry waffles! 

Kroger Gluten Free Penne Rigata in the green package