26th Annual Celiac Conference: Pre-lunch Presentations

When we first walked in to the 26th Annual Celiac Conference room shortly after 8 am, I was so excited to see that we would be sitting at actual tables, and not just in rows of chairs. I intentionally brought my ASUS tablet with me so that I could type all of my notes on Google Drive. Using a Bluetooth keyboard to take notes is so much faster and easier, not to mention more legible, than trying to write everything by hand. 

The packet we received at registration had a great outline of the day's agenda, as well as bios for all of the speakers for the day. Promptly at 8:15 Registered Dietitian Mary Kay Sharrett started out the conference with a brief introduction. She introduced our first speaker, Dr. Ivor Hill, the director of the Celiac Disease Center at Nationwide Hospital.

Dr. Ivor Hill first discussed the Launching of the Celiac Disease Center, including their past, where they are presently, and where they are looking towards in the future. 
Key points from this presentation

Dr. Hill's next presentation was about the Current and Future Guidelines for Celiac Disease

Dr. Jolanda Denham presented on Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitvity

The last presentation before lunch was by Steve Plogsted, a pharmacist who has been on personal mission to divulge the truth about Medications and Gluten

That's a lot of information.....now off to lunch! A pasta dinner with gluten free (and pork free!) meatballs, salad, and gluten free tiramisu made with Schar ladyfingers! WOW!

Post Lunch Presentations
The Finale