Bangkok Kitchen

When my husband and I were dating, we had a tradition- Chinese Sundays. Actually, it was the continuation of a tradition he had with a college roommate. Every Sunday we would go out for Chinese food...or Thai food.

What I didn't know at the time was that most chinese (and Thai) restaurants use Kikkoman Soy Suace...which has wheat in it. I only realized this a few years ago, even though I have been diagnosed with celiac disease for over a decade.

So when I find an Asian restaurant that intentionall servevs gluten free food, it feels a bit like a birthday present....or Chrismas...or any other major cause of celebration.

I am attending the 26th Annual Celiac Conference in Columbus, Ohio this weekend, and we needed to stop someplace for dinner on the way down.

Enter--the best gluten free app in the world- Find Me Gluten Free!

It located a wonderful little restuarant called Bangkok Kitchen, just off the freeway in Maumee, Ohio. There were some great reviews, so we thought we woudl take a chance.

I'm so glad we stopped in. We had a great waitress, Emma, who totally understood my gluten free needs and walked me through what I could and could not have, and even understood my husband's shellfish and pork allergies. She also reassured us that it there were any problems, she was a paramedic! (A service that we luckily did not need!)

We started our dinner with summer rolls. Do you have any idea how long it has been since I have had FRESH spring rolls? These were stuffed full of fresh lettuce, chicken and all around yumminess. SO good!

I've had Pad Thai before, but Emma suggested I try the Pad Woonsen. It is made with bean thread noodles, making it taste so much lighter and healthier. I ordered mine with no spice, as Thai food tends to be pretty spicy. This dish came chock full of great vegetables too- yellow onions, greeen onions, mushrooms, napa cabbage, among others.
I really enjoyed my dish, even more so with the chopsticks. I hope I can find this dish again back home at a safe restaurant, because it was really good.

My husband ordred the Panang Curry, which was made with coconut milk, peppers, and chicken. This was served over rice. He was so pleased with his dish, as it tasted like something he had tried long ago but could never seem to find again at any restaurant.

We were so pleased with this restaurant. If you are passing this way, please stop in and frequent their business...and thank them for offering gluten free meals!

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