Organic Bliss Gluten Free Deli and Bakery

So, I've made a few trips back and forth through Ohio the past 6 months. Actually, I think this past trip was my fourth time since May. There's this dedicated gluten free bakery in Sylvania, Ohio called "Organic Bliss Gluten Free Deli and Bakery" that I've always wanted to stop at, but I'm usually on my way through on a Sunday. They're closed on Sundays.

But this past week I made a quick trip down to Cleveland Clinic (and back) to be with my dad during a medical procedure. (BTW, Cleveland Clinic is one AMAZING hospital!) And, we were coming home on a Wednesday, which means I could FINALLY stop at this location.

When you walk in the door at Organic Bliss, you are greeted by a wonderful display of baked goods.

It's a bit like walking into a French patisserie. It is truly a beautiful sight. 

We had stopped at Organic Bliss around noon, and my dad was ready for a bite to eat. Not only does Organic Bliss make baked goods, they have a full lunch menu as well, plus smoothies. 

I ordered the Mediterranean wrap, full of hummus, Feta, romaine lettuce, thinly sliced red onion, cucumbers,  and kalamata olives. I'm a sucker for kalamata olives. I'm also a sucker for Feta cheese, and there was LOTS of it in there. Yum! They also added avocado to it for a nominal charge. 

The sandwich also comes with 4 oz., of one of their fresh deli salads of your choice. I chose the chickpea salad, which had a light, fresh taste. 

It was HUGE. I ended up taking half of it home for dinner later that evening. And it was still good, and the wrap had not disintegrated at all. I was really impressed and I even let my husband have a bite. :) 

I chose to purchase a few Organic Bliss baked goods to take home. Since I've over indulged lately,  I was looking for something that was not overly sweet. I chose a sugar cookie & a strawberry chocolate chip scone. 

The sugar cookies were so light and airy. I couldn't believe how good they tasted, and can't even begin to believe that they were gluten free. Truly amazing. I would have taken a close up of my cookie...but it ended up in my mouth quickly. :) 

I'm glad I bought the scone, as it was really good, but not overly sweet. I'm not sure what it is about scones, but whenever I take the first bite, it doesn't seem to taste the way I think it will. And then it gets better with every bite. My husband really enjoyed the piece I let him try, and stated "Are you sure this is gluten free?" I always say, it you want an honest opinion of a gluten free baked good, ask someone who doesn't eat gluten free on a regular basis!

So the next time you're in Toledo, make sure to stop in at Organic Bliss Gluten Free Deli and Bakery. They're located at 3723 N. King Road in Sylvania, Ohio 43617. They even have a convenient drive thru if you already now what you want to order. (Drive thru hours are 7am-6pm, Monday thru Friday.) 

And if you're dairy free or vegan, Organic Bliss has baked goods for you as well! Their brochure states "We are also here to accommodate people with other allergies and sensitivities. Just give our baker a call to discuss your individual needs. We would Love to help you!" They can be reached at 419-517-7799. 

And for my Michigan friends, this bakery is really close to the Ohio-Michigan border. It might be worth it to take a road trip. They have homemade bread, rolls, pizza crusts, sweet breads and coffeecakes, brownies, cupcakes muffins. 

I found this location using the Find Me Gluten Free app. I know I mention this site often, but I REALLY like the Find Me Gluten Free app. And just so you know, I'm not working for them and I don't get any kick backs. I don't get paid to mention them at all. But, as much as I LOVE Find Me Gluten Free, the app didn't take me EXACTLY to the bakery. I had to call and make sure I arrived at the right place. Then again, it may have been a Google map problem and not a problem with the app. But, just a heads up....

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