Dewitt Flap Jack Shack Gluten Free Pancakes

In living a gluten free lifestyle, eating out it is a challenge. It has become much easier to eat lunch and dinner, with restaurants now carrying gluten free buns & pizzas. But breakfast can be much more of a treasure hunt. 

On my recent trip home for the holidays, I wanted to take my dad out to breakfast for his birthday. I could not think of a single place in the Lansing area that was local and used dedicated pans for their breakfast. 

So, I put my question out on the Lansing Gluten Free Fair Facebook page, inquiring of my not-so-far away friends if they had any ideas for a place to go to breakfast. And someone suggested Flap Jack Shack in Dewitt

I was skeptical, so I gave them a call. They confirmed that they indeed had gluten free pancakes, which could be ordered plain, blueberry, or chocolate chip. There is an additional 1.29 charge for the gluten free pancakes. 

Flap Jack Shack Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Of course, my next question was about cross-contamination. This is when I was informed that they use dedicated utensils and a dedicate grill for their gluten free pancakes. And, they use a dedicated grill for their eggs, a dedicated grill for their potatoes, a dedicated grill for their gluten containing pancakes and french toast as well. 

Flap Jack Shack American Fries

So this means that not only can one have pancakes, but can feel safe that their potatoes and eggs are not contaminated with gluten! I ordered the Flap Jacks Plus, which usually comes with meat. But the potatoes were really what I was after, and our waitress was kind enough to substitute the american fries for me. And one of the best things---WARM syrup to go on top.

I also need to mention that my husband and my dad's wife ordered the harvest cakes. They are not gluten free, but they stated that they were so good they are worth a mention for all of our non-gluten free spouses and friends. They are a multigrain pancake made with raisins and pecans. Brad and Carolyn both RAVED about them.

I stopped to ask the lady at the cash out counter about why they started carrying gluten free items. I ended up speaking with Eleanor the owner, who explained that her grandchildren had recently been diagnosed with celiac disease. It was through understanding the seriousness of their disease that she became aware of the need to change a few things in their restaurant. I was even told that the next day that they were going to be offering gluten free pumpkin waffles.

She is also wanting to find a good bread so that they can start offering toast (and hopefully sandwiches). I told her about Todd Smith and Hawk Hollow Simply Free. Here's hoping that these two great businesses can pair up and take the greater Lansing area by storm! What a treasure they are!

Where's your favorite place to get a gluten-free breakfast? What Michigan diner joints should I visit?

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