I recently wrote about a product called Coco Joe SuperSeedz that I had found at my local TJ Maxx store. They were incredibly delicious. Not too much cocoa, not too much coffee, but a perfect marriage of the two.

I e-mailed a copy of my review to Kathie, the founder of SuperSeedz, and mentioned that I would be more than willing to review any of her other products if she was interested. And she said YES!

I was so happy when I received the box in the mail. Inside were her Sea Salt, Sugar & Cinnamon and Original Curry pumpkin seeds.

I can't even begin to describe how much I enjoy the Sea Salt seeds. Not only are they great tasting, they're great for you too. Seriously. Per ounce of seeds (which is a hefty 1/3 of a cup) there is only 160 calories (2 nut servings on Curves Complete), only 2 g saturated fats with 12g of heart healthy fats and NO trans fats. There is only 180 mg of sodium, which is below the suggested upper limit of 200 mg per serving. Plus there is a whopping 9 grams of protein. That's huge! I used to eat unsalted almonds as my heart health snack, but I think I have discovered a new love. I definitely want to buy more of these!

The Sugar & Cinnamon are tasty on their own. They're also great as a crunch granola like topping on a serving of strawberry yogurt. Or on cinnamon ice cream. I bet they would be a neat and health addition to cookies as well, instead of nuts. Or maybe they would work in these.

The Original Curry seeds are definitely interesting. AND this flavor only has 150 calories per serving, plus with less fat and HALF the sodium. That's right- only 75 mg of sodium per serving.  My husband really enjoys them and they are tasty on their own. These seeds are great as an accent- for salads (both tossed greens and prepared), as a topping for butternut squash soup, and they would and a depth and crunch to trail mix. When I have a bit more time to be creative I would like to try to grind them, mixed them with some crushed Chex, and use them as breading on chicken.

I also purchased a bag of the Tomato Italiano SuperSeedz. While the first few bites were flavorful and enjoyable, there was a strong aftertaste that I wasn't sure about. Because of the added seasonings, I bet it would be great as a pesto sauce for pasta. Haven't tried it...the Christmas season has kept me busy!

So the long and short of it- do your taste buds and your health a favor and buy some of Kathy's amazing SuperSeedz. They also come in a spicy variety for those who like snacks with a kick!
Have a read about what Men's Health says about Pumpkin Seeds!.