Bake It Best

There's a new gluten -free flour on the market, and it's not just good, it's the "best."

Bake It Best flours are the creation of Stan and Linda Fedewa. They are not newcomers to gluten free nor baking. Linda was the previous owner of "A Piece of Cake" in East Lansing, Michigan. Linda has a long history of baking since the 1980's, first with a location in Portland, then moving to E. Lansing where she created birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and so many others amazing items.  People across the United States have ordered from her and she's had news of her baking successes published in magazines. Not only that, but she regularly donated items for the Michigan Capital Celiac support group meetings for refreshments.

Linda Fedewa has celiac disease, and has been diagnosed for 25 years. Her husband Stan was always trying to help create something that was not just gluten free. He said their "goal is to make sure people like Linda can eat good things" (Lansing State Journal). It took a while, but they soon began churning out amazing gluten free baked goods. I still remember the first time I tasted one of her gluten free pumpkin rolls.

After a while being around the free floating flour in her bakery led to some health issues, and she chose to sell her business. But now she is back to doing what she loves, teaching and enabling celiacs and others to create amazing gluten free breads, pies and other items. She does this through her business "Bake It Best, selling her new proprietary gluten free flour blends, as well as a companion cookbook.She also often hosts cooking classes, where you can learn to bake everything from pies to bread.

I can't tell you how excited I was to receive this new flour blend for Christmas. One of the benefits of this flour is that it already has xanthum gum added to it. The flour made great tasting crispy waffles, and good pancakes. The first thing I tried with it was a single serving chocolate chip cookie in a mug, from the website No. 2. pencil. Not only was the recipe quick and easy, but incredibly delicious. The only way it could have been better was a small scoop of ice cream.

I also used it to make a really good French Apple Cake.

While Linda's flour isn't in stores yet, you can order her all purpose flour, her bread flour, and her cookbook through her website, You can also visit them on Facebook and on Pinterest.
You can preview a few of her recipes, including that amazing pumpkin roll, on the cookbook tab of her website.

We hope to have her come visit the Mid-Michigan Celiac Support group sometime this year, so stay posted!

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