Longevity Muffins

I tried the most amazingly HEALTHY, non-GMO, dairy free, gluten free muffin the other day. And behind this amazing tasting muffin is an even more amazing story. 

So I was at Vince and Joe's with some friends a few weeks ago. Being a gluten-free blogger on the lookout for the next new thing, I had my eyes peeled. Vince and Joe's keeps all of their gluten free items all in one place, towards the meat counter. I snagged these muffins, along with a few other goodies, and made my way to the checkout counter. 

After asking one of the workers about their own gluten free line (which by the way is NOT  made in a dedicated facility or with dedicated utensils), I mentioned that these muffins looked interesting and couldn't believe they were only 33 calories a piece. 

Then Larry told me that they are made by a local resident and that there was a great story behind it. I gave him my business card and asked him to have the owner contact me. 

A few weeks later I had the pleasure of talking with Patrick. When I asked him what motivated him to create these muffins, he gave me one word: IMAGINATION
He then told me a little bit about his product and a little bit about himself.

For example: 
- the beans his products are made from go through a patented process to make them more digestible and produce almost no gas. He drove all the way from Detroit to Saskatchewan to get the necessary machinery.
- because they are low carb and high fiber, not only are they healthy for celiacs, but are PERFECT for diabetics! 
- his products have earned rave reviews from Henry Ford's hospital
- his product has garnered interest for the school lunch program
- he has been schooled in Rome and the City University of New York
- he has been written up in the newspaper, and could be described in one word- "perseverance"

Longevity Muffins come in two varieties- Low Carb  and regular. The Low Carb muffins contain only 33 calories per 2.5 oz muffin. They are also made with xylitol. 
The regular muffins are 110 calories per 2.5 oz. muffin. They are about $4 a package.

They come in a variety of flavors, such as Original, Blueberry, Cinnamon, Cranberry, Cherry, Almond and Banana. I tried the almond and it tasted just like drinking fresh almond milk. I was REALLY impressed. 

His products can be purchased mainly in the Detroit area, although they can be found in various stores in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Florida. He will ship his products as well, and has done so even as far as Israel. 

But he will ship them to you as well! You can order them at his website, http://fullofbeansflour.com/. (make note, his website is no longer the one pictured on the front of the container. Long story.) 
When you go to their website, hover your mouse over the "Featured Products" tab, and a drop down list will pop up so you can find out more about each individual flavor, and will allow you to order your favorite. 

Here's an excerpted statement from his website- 

"Welcome to Longevity Foods!!! We trust you will like our products. We have processed the beans to make them consumer friendly. Longevity foods has received numerous recommendations from health professionals. The nutritional facts, the all natural efforts to make them preservative free, no sugar, no animal or milk by-products, and non-GMO are a testimony to the purity of our products.
We have two sets of muffins: the low carb, and the regular which has a noticeable sweeter taste. Full of beans and longevity is our desire. Welcome and enjoy!"

So order them for yourself and give them a try. Better yet, let's reward this man for his perseverance and creativity. Direct your local store to contact him through his website, and request them at your local store. 
I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

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