3 Gluten-Free Dishes for Your Next Brunch

At our most recent support group meeting we had some generous donations. Bakery on Main and No Nuttin' Foods sent us samples that we shared and distributed to our members. Bob's Red Mill also sent me a package of their new Gluten Free Pie Crust mix.

First of all I want to give a HUGE thank you to Bob's Red Mill. This company has been my go-to for just about everything for over a decade now. They recently came out with their new pie crust mix, which I was so excited to try. But I couldn't find it anywhere near me in Flint. So I thought I would use the power of social media and reach out to them via Facebook to ask nicely if they might send me a package.
Enter, Cassidy Stockton, Social Media Manager for Bob's Red Mill, who graciously accepted my request and immediately sent a package to me in the mail. Thanks you Cassidy!!!!

I intentionally made the pie crust mix for our support group meeting so that other members could try it. I found a great recipe for a "quiche" that is made in a jelly roll pan, and thought this crust would work perfectly. (FYI- It did!) To make things easier, I simply placed the mixed dough in my jelly roll pan, which was lined with parchment, and used my Pampered Chef roller to roll the crust into the pan.
Above photo not taken by me. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the finished product. I was busy and trying to get out support group meeting started. I will say that everyone liked it. I LOVED it. I think I had 3-4 pieces. This mix was very easy to use. I hope you can find it somewhere near you. I just spotted it at Horrock's in Lansing the other day. 

I also made a pumpkin roll was from the Bake It Best cookbook. The author, Linda Fedewa, was also our guest speaker that day. Although my pumpkin roll was not as beautiful as it could have been, Linda said that it tasted wonderful. Every one else really loved it too! Linda demonstrated how to make a pie crust with her mix while at our meeting. You can see the video here. You can also find out more about her company at http://www.bakeitbest.com/ 

I also made a third recipe. I want to comment quickly that, if you do come to one of our meetings, you don't have to bring so many things. I was just in a creative baking mood. Also, the French Toast Casserole I made with Udi's bread that I was able to get SUPER cheap. This was because it was on clearance, plus I had a $2 coupon. There are also a few members who have to eat dairy free, so I wanted to make sure they had something to eat as well. It must have been good, because there weren't any leftovers.

Photo taken from Udi's website

I followed the recipe on Udi's website, but with a few minor changes. I did not use their cinnamon raisin bread, but their white sandwich bread instead. While I did use coconut milk, it was the canned type, which is unsweetened. My husband really put this together for me, so he added some maple syrup to the mix. He did refrigerate it overnight. In the morning, I pushed all the bread pieces down to make sure they were moist. It seemed a bit dry, so I added another 1/2 cup of almond milk. I baked it for the time they suggested and it came out perfectly. We served it with some REAL maple syrup, and it was a huge hit. I highly suggest making it. Actually, I have another loaf of Udi's bread in the freezer that I'm saving so I can make it again!