Sahale Snacks

I had a really nice thing happen. I had written my monthly "Love It, Like It, Leave It" blog post, and I had mentioned a specific Sahale Snacks product that I didn't like. Somehow, Sahale Snacks saw my comment (as I didn't even send it to them) and they contacted me. That's some pretty attentive customer service in my opinion! Not only did they contact me, they sent me 10 free product coupons, one for each of the major bags that they sell. 

So before I talk about the individual products, a little info about the products in general. Sahale Snacks are all natural, cholesterol free, gluten free (obviously) and contain no trans fat. They are certified gluten free by the GFCO and are also certified kosher. One more interesting cool fact- Sahale Snacks are manufactured in a facility that is 100% wind powered. 

So enough info- let's get to how they taste!  

The first three packages were easy to find at my local Walmart.

Sahale Snacks Crunchers- 
Almonds with Parmesan Cheese and Herbs- These are amazing on salads or on their own. They also make an AWESOME coating for fish. These are something I am DEFINITELY interested in purchasing again.

Almonds with Cherries, Apples and Maple - YUM! It immediately makes me think of time spent at Uncle John's Cider Mill in St. Johns Michigan. Gone are the days when I can get a donut from there, but the smokiness of the almonds, the distinct flavor of the apples, and the hint of maple make me think donuts are SO overrated!

Almonds with Cranberries, Sesame Seeds and Honey - Out of the 3 Crunchers varieties, this was at the bottom of my list, probably because of the sesame seeds. They weren't awful, just not my fave.

Nut Blends
Soledad Almonds - " Inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean, with almonds, apples, and flax seeds, tickled with date, balsamic vinegar and cayenne." (per the company website)
I didn't really care for these, but my husband LOVED them. He said that there was a nice savory flavor to them that was spicy, but not "hot" spicy. After I first tasted them, I told him he could have the rest of the bag. That made him very happy.

Valdosta Pecans- While these are okay, they're not my favorite. Then again, I'm not a big fan of spicy food, and the black pepper in these are a bit much for me. But again, my husband LOVED them! He said it was like spicy candy. They are described on the website as follows- "A classic taste of the American South with black-peppered pecans, sweet cranberries, and pinch of orange zest." 

Sing Buri Cashews- Of all of the nut blends, I would say that these are my favorite. Which is surprising, because they're still spicy. But the added pineapple is what I enjoyed. It is an interesting mixture of sweet and spicy. Again, their description on the Sahale Snacks website, "Lemongrass, soy-glazed cashews, pineapple, peanuts, and sesame seeds, lightly dusted with mild Chinese chili, in an aromatic blend, reminiscent of a great Thai dish." And I REALLY like Thai food. 

(I found the Soledad and Sing Buri Cashews at World Market, the Valdosta Pecans at Kroger.) 

Glazed Nuts
Almonds with Cranberries, Honey and Sea Salt- I really enjoyed these. To be quite honest, I didn't write my thoughts down about these right away, as I should have. All I remember is that they grow on you. I wasn't sure about the first bite, but then I couldn't put them down! I also found these at my local Kroger.

Cashews with Pomegranate and Vanilla - These are the original ones that I tried that I didn't really like. I think it's something about the vanilla flavor in them. They might be right up your alley, as we all have different tastes. If you end up trying them, let me know what you think!

Premium Blends
Maple Pecans  - "Traditional flavors of North American comfort: pecans, walnuts, cherries and apples blended and delicately glazed with maple and cinnamon." (from website)
Pomegranate Pistachios - Exotic, yet accessible tastes combine in this Moroccan-inspired blend, with pistachios, pomegranate, cherries, lemon and a hint of pepper." (from website)

I haven't located these yet, but I'm holding onto my coupons for that wonderful day when they cross my path. I'm going to Chicago in a few weeks for the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo, and I hear there is a really great Whole Foods near Schaumberg. Maybe I will track them down there.

Sahale Snacks also makes "Grab & Go Snacks"- These are smaller portion controlled sizes to keep your tummy full and happy.

So all in all, the Crunchers varieties were really my favorite, which is great because they were the easiest to find and purchase. A big thank you to Sahale Snacks for their generosity and this great opportunity.