Smart Flour Foods

I had the pleasure meeting with Sameer and Lindsey of Smart Flour Foods 
while at the Chicago Gluten & Allergen Free Expo. 

As a blogger and president of a celiac support group, I had been following news about Smart Flour for quite a while. Through fellow bloggers, I have read about them at the Natural Foods Expos. I've been intrigued for a LONG time. 

What makes Smart Flour Foods so unique? Unlike other gluten free products that are made from high glycemic, highly processed rice flours, Smart Flour foods are made from ancient, whole grains.When they were founded in 2005, the products were originally created by a woman trying to produce great gluten free foods for a friend who was living with celiac disease. It is that kind of devotion and care that earns high marks in my book! BUT, little did the creator of these healthy pizzas know that later one day she would be diagnosed with Celiac as well!  

These amazing pizzas, which won the Best New Food Product award in 2013 at the Natural Products Expo, are made with sorghum, teff and amaranth flours. It is only recently that these prepared pizzas were made available to the general public. When Smart Flour Foods first started selling their pizza crusts back in 2005, they were selling strictly wholesale to restaurants and dining establishments. But they took it one step further - not only did they sell their product to restaurants, they also took it upon themselves to TRAIN these restaurants how to prevent cross-contamination so that their pizzas and buns were totally safe for those needing to eat them. 

But they offer so much more than pizza and hamburger buns. You can buy their Smart Flour blend to bake your own products in your home, as well as their pancake and waffle mix. Looking for something a little sweeter? They also make chocolate ganache brownies and chocolate chunk blondies...all made with their healthy Smart Flour blend. You can read more about them here

But don't listen to me talk. You need to try them for yourself. Follow this locator link on their website, and find out where you can locally get their pizza. While they are not located country wide yet, there are expanding all the time. You can also purchase their products on their website. 

Thank you to Lindsey and Sameer for taking time to sit down with me and tell me more about this company that I have been so curious about for so long! 

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