Aldi's Gluten Free!

The fact that Aldi's is carrying gluten free products (even if just on "Special Buy") makes me happy for so many reasons:

During the month of May, Aldi is carrying a bunch of gluten free products. I only bought a few things, but they have cake, cookie and cornbread mixes, cookies, pasta, macaroni and cheese, snack bars, frozen pizzas, plus the items you see above. 

I did have the pleasure of talking to Rory, the district manager over the Detroit, Michigan stores. Even though these products are listed as a special buy, if there is enough demand for them, Aldi will consider stocking some of these items permanently. Rory explained to me that this is what happened with the new organic line that Aldi has now. They rolled the organic products out as a special buy, and then carried them permanently 6 months later. The demand for the gluten free line must be good, as Rory told me that all of his liveGfree stock was sold out already, only a week into the promotion! 

As you may be aware, the products that Aldi carries are manufactured by other companies but have the Aldi name on them. The pepperoni pizza pocket sandwiches are made by Gluten Free Delights, a local Michigan company based in Romulus. I'm so excited that this company is coming to the mainstream! Their products should also be available in Meijer sometime this summer. 

As far as the products I've tried to so far, here are my thoughts- 

Wraps- Really good. I find they are even more pliable when they are warmed up. I have a feeling these are made by Toufayan. I would definitely be willing to buy these again, even at almost $4. I made quesadillas with these with Teese vegan cheese. You can find pictures on that review. 

Ravioli- These were really good! My only complaint is that there are only 4 ravioli per package. At $4 a package and at 400 calories, these ravioli are pricey both monetarily and in calories. Nevertheless, they are handy to have on hand in a pinch, and really tasty. The filling is delicious. But for me, they really would just be a "special buy." 

Granola- So far I've only tried the Double Chocolate Crunch. The one thing I like about these is that they are completely oat free. That being said, the chocolate flavor isn't as strong as I would have liked. My non-gf husband really enjoys this flavor, and I mix it with roasted peanuts and Craisin cherries to go with his yogurt at lunch time. At 100 calories per ounce, their not too bad. Still, they are almost $4 a bag. Again, these would only be a "sometimes" purchase for me. I haven't tried the Very Berry Crunch flavor yet. 

Crackers- I was hesitant in buying the crackers, as they have oat fiber in them. Even though they are certified gluten free by GFCO, I sometimes still have issues with oats. But, I love the idea of Rosemary and Olive Oil, so I bought them. While the first one was good, the rest left an aftertaste in my mouth and made me nauseous. The rest of the bag was put on my husband's shelf for his enjoyment. 

I look forward to trying the lasagna, macaroni and cheese, and the pepperoni pizza pockets. 

So a BIG thank you to Aldi for considering the needs of those who follow a gluten free diet!