Donato's Gluten Free Pizza

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I like pizza. And I write about it. A LOT.

While at the Chicago Gluten and Allergen Free Expo I met a NEW-to-me pizza company. Yeah pizza! Out of the many pizza companies that were there, Donato's was my non-gf husband's FAVORITE. I really enjoyed the sauce on their pizza. It was the perfect ratio of sauce to crust, and it wasn't overly spicy and it was a perfect compliment to the toppings.

I love the crust too. Did I mention that it's made on Udi's crust?! It's light and buttery. It's so good I could eat it on its own as a cheese bread. And that's saying something, because I don't usually enjoy thin crust pizza.

And their representative Eric was super nice to boot!We exchanged business cards and agreed to get in touch with each other.

And Eric is a man of his word. In less than a week he followed up with me (which I appreciate as it was Holy Week and my mind was SO scattered) and he made arrangements to send me TWO pizzas directly to me house. Believe me, I waited with baited breath all day until they got here. And you can ask the non-gf hubby, I was SUPER excited once they finally came to the house. I actually ran out to meet the UPS driver!

So on a Sunday night my husband and I agreed it was time to finally have the cheese pizza that they sent. My husband doctored it up with some mushrooms, olives, turkey deli meat and onions, but made sure to take a picture first!

He was actually preparing this while I was at our weekly prayer meeting, so I was glad he had started dinner before I came home. Especially since I decided to invite a friend home for dinner. She is new to gluten free living, and I love being able to share new foods and information with those who are just learning about the gluten free diet.

We dined on pizza and salad and Edamame Chips and strawberries dipped in Hope Foods Chocolate dip. It was a great feast. My friend enjoyed everything and was grateful for a full gluten-free tummy!

My husband is allergic to pork, so I had the pepperoni pizza all to myself. We both had places to be this past Tuesday, so he made his own dinner that night and I had pepperoni pizza.

I noticed on the box that a quarter of the pizza was approximately 400 calories. This fits in well with the Curves Complete plan. So I warmed up a bag of mixed vegetables and ate that with my pizza. A good healthy dinner.

But there was still three quarters of a pizza left. And it was still warm and smelled so good.

So...I ate another eighth of the pizza. Just one small slice. And then I put it away in the fridge for another day.

And when my husband came home I had to show him. And then I figured in the name of research I should see how the pizza tastes cold. A small sacrifice I'm willing to make for team Gluten Free. BTW, it WAS really good cold. :)

The pepperoni pizza is made with uncured pepperoni. Eric explained to me that uncured pepperoni is preservative free, meaning there are no nitrates or nitrites. It didn't seem as spicy as other pepperoni, which I REALLY liked.

And cheese. This pizza (and the others as well) are made with aged smoked Provolone cheese. I LOVE Provolone cheese.

I can definitely see myself buying this again. And again. Plus, they also have a Margherita pizza that I haven't tried yet, so I definitely need to scope that out.

Here in Michigan, you can find these GFCO certified gluten free pizzas at your local Meijer store.At this time Meijer only carries the Pepperoni pizza. You can also find their pizzas in other stores like Giant Eagle and Kroger if you live in the Columbus area. Click here to be directed to their locator app on their Facebook page.