Udi's Prize Pack

I took part in my first Twitter party this summer, and it was sponsored by Udi's. A Twitter party is an interesting phenomenon. It's held at a set time, and someone posts a question and everyone responds to it. You are able to see everyone's responses and it feels a bit like you are talking to lots of people from all across the country at the same time.
And there are often prizes, and I won a prize pack from Udi's. I was expecting a package with two or three things. There were 12 Udi's items in one box. Talk about a jackpot of a giveaway! Here's a recap of what I won. 

Mighty Bagels - This are probably my favorite bagels from Udi's. It's a close second to their Everything Bagels. With all of the seeds and cranberries, it's incredibly filling. 
Hot Dog Buns - Tried and true, these are probably the best gluten free hot dog buns I've ever had.
Omega Flax and Fiber Bread - This is the first time I've tried this bread, and let me tell you that it's addictively tasty. Because of its whole grain goodness, it's incredibly filling and amazingly delicious.
Cinnamon Raisin Bread - I love to have this toasted with a smear of cream cheese. And with only 150 calories for 2 slices of bread, it's a great indulgence without a lot of guilt.

Peanut Butter Coconut Cookies - Udi's came out with a new line of Soft Baked cookies, and I was excited to receive these as they were the one flavor I hadn't tried yet. They're really good. REALLY good. In an attempt to not eat them all at once. I put the box in a Ziploc bag and placed them in the deep freezer. (Out of sight, out of mind.) And after taking one out and letting it come to room temperature, they were incredibly soft and tasty once again. Win!

Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites- This small brownie bite is perfect for satisfying that chocolate craving. To increase the chocolate satisfaction, there are also mini chocolate chips in them!
Double Vanilla Muffins - These taste exactly like pound cake. I can totally see these cut open with fresh strawberries and whipped cream on top. I see this more of a dessert than a muffin, as is their double chocolate chip muffin. Especially at 250 calories per muffin, this is not something you would want to eat every morning.

I still cannot tolerate oats, so I had to rely on the reviews of others.
Sweet & Fruity Cranberry Granola - Laura and my husband both liked this. It's a bit on the sweet side and it's good on yogurt or for a dessert topping.
Cranberry Almond Granola Bars- Laura said that these were reminiscent of Quaker Chewy granola bars. She did state that they're not very filling.

Other Fun stuff
Ancient Grain Jalapeno Cheddar Crisps- I really enjoy this new chip line by Udi's. They remind me of Sun Chips, which I really missed after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I was surprised how much I enjoyed these Jalapeno Crisps, as I don't like spicy things. I was going to try crushing them and using them to bread chicken, but they were so good that the bag was finished off pretty quickly. Major deliciousness.
Tortillas (Small and Large) - Udi's sent me 2 packages of their tortillas, both the small and large tortillas. We've had these before and my non-gf husband really enjoys them. He even stated that he liked them better than regular flour tortillas. I found an interesting online link about making your own hot pockets with tortillas. I would only suggest trying to make these with the large tortillas. It was fun, although not quite the same. Important note, make sure to let it cool completely if you decide to make one. It honestly tastes better as the flavors meld together, not to mention you don't burn your mouth this way!

So which Udi's products would you like to try?