Moo.Cluck.Moo Dining Experience

**Update August 2016 -Moo Cluck Moo is no longer a dedicated gluten-free restaurant. Please read this post about the change in their menu,** 

I received the most interesting email a few weeks ago. A restaurant named Moo Cluck Moo in the greater Detroit area was making a bold change in their menu.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was now going to be made GLUTEN FREE!

What's that you say? A 100% gluten free kitchen? Gluten Free fried chicken? What?!??!?!?!?!
I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. OUCH. Nope, not dreaming.

And then I was looking at Groupon the other day and found a great offer - 2 fried chicken sandwiches, 2 fries and 2 drinks for $14. Major score!

And THEN the president of the Celiac support group in Farmington Hills emailed me saying that they were being offered a tour of the kitchen and restaurant in a few days. You better believe we hopped in our mini-van and made the hour drive for such a great opportunity.

Moo.Cluck.Moo wasn't always 100% gluten free. They used to serve regular buns, regular fried chicken, and regular desserts. So why the change? Their chef, Jim Schmidt, saw the demand and requests and started to work on a strictly gluten free bun almost a year ago. Being a James Beard award winner, he was up for the challenge. After nine months he finally, he came up with a bun that was not only gluten free, but also high fiber, high protein and low carb and contains NO YEAST. So he and Moo.Cluck.Moo owner Harry Moorhouse discussed it and decided the restaurant would go with his new gluten free buns and make a total change in their menu. They made sure to call all manufacturers that were providing their ingredients to guarantee that they were gluten free. They even threw away ingredients they had on hand in case any cross-contamination had taken place. Also, while their employees do not have Celiac Disease, they are not allowed to bring any gluten containing items into the restaurant. #Awesome

Why? Gluten Free is one of the largest growing trends in the food industry. With 1% of the population suffering with Celiac Disease and another 6%+ living with gluten free sensitivity, it was a no brainer.

So on September 19th they changed everything. While us gluten free foodies are ecstatic, their original customers have been slow to warm up to it. But as amazing as the food tastes, they're starting to warm up to it and they're starting to come back.

And the food is amazing. After receiving a tour of their kitchen and heard about all the steps they are taking to make their as healthy as possible made with the finest ingredients, we were ready to order.



While our Groupon included two Notorious Cluck sandwiches, we also had to purchase an additional sandwich. We choose the "baa burger," a lamb burger topped with onions and Feta cheese.  In all honesty, I could have ordered one of everything it all sounded so good. They have a "Craveables" menu that changes every month, and this month they had a steak burger and burger on a gluten free Celiac Specialties donut.


And when our sandwiches came out, we were definitely not disappointed. Hands down, this is the best fried chicken I've ever had IN MY LIFE. The breading was crisp, the chicken was juicy, and the homemade slaw created a perfect marriage of savory & sweet. I literally said OH. MY. GOD when I took the first bite. 


And my husband Brad LOVED the french fries. He had the garlic fries while I had the regular sea salt. 

So want to get a moo burger for yourself? They have two locations, one in Dearborn Heights and one in Canton. If you're looking to pick up a quick meal and head out the door, the Dearborn Heights has a quick pick up window. If you' re looking to sit down with family or friends, definitely go to the Canton location which has much more seating. 

A few things of note. This store doesn't believe in highly refined sugars or high fructose corn syrup. You won't find it in their breads, their soda or even their ketchup. The small amount of sweetener you find in their buns is from Stevia, they proudly serve Michigan-made Northwoods soda that's made with cane sugar, and Simply Heinz ketchup on all of their tables.