September 2014 Love It, Like It, Leave It

Love It

Goldbaum's Multigrain Quinoa Crisps
I often forget how much I enjoy shopping at And That. They are the only store I know of in Genesee county where I can purchase Goldbaum products. This was the first time that I have come across their Multigrain Quinoa Crisps. I tried the Onion & Garlic flavor which were delicious. Definitely worth buying again!

FarmBoy Celtic Sea Salt Tortilla Chips
I was at the grand opening of Rebekah Health and Nutrition Source in Lapeer and met the owners of this company. These chips are made in Michigan, gluten free, non-gmo, and taste like fresh ground corn. They remind me of the fresh chips I used to be able to eat at Chi-Chi's. We were going to eat the bag slowly, but they were quickly consumed.

Enjoy Life Soft Naked No-Oats Oatmeal cookies
I love Enjoy Life. I've been eating their products for over a decade, and with each new product I try I'm reminded again why they're so great. They have a GREAT soft baked cookie that tastes like an oatmeal cookie that has NO OATS! YEAH! I'm one of the few and lucky celiacs that are still bothered by oats. So when I saw these on deal at Big Lots for only $2 I snatched them up. Oh my GOODNESS. So good, so delicious, so WOW! But now I'm curious, as I don't see this flavor listed on their website. If they don't make these anymore, I regret not buying TONS of them.

Like It 
Epic Bar

The name of this bar is so spot on, because they're, well, EPIC. I've seen pictures of these as I've been following Natural Products Expo East and West. The neat and curious thing about this "snack" bar is that it is made of meat. Yep, meat. And this isn't jerky either. These soft bars are made from organic, grass-fed meats and fruit and other ingredients. 
I tried the lamb bar. It was...interesting. It was good, but it was a bit heavy. I'd still be curious to try their turkey and cranberry bar. Looks like I'll be making another trip to Lapeer and Rebekah's Health and Nutrition Source, is this is the only place in Michigan I have ever seen them. 

Go Picnic Maple Turkey Sausage, Fruit and Nut Mix
I love Go Picnic. These box lunches have truly been my saving grace in more than one situation. I was excited when I saw their new breakfast boxes at my local Target. AND they were under 200 calories, which makes them a great snack choice on Curves Complete. This box had a sausage stick, applesauce and trail mix. ALL of that for 190 calories. 
I will admit the sausage was a bit spicy and seemed to stick with me throughout the day. Looking forward to trying one of their other varieties.

Leave It
SEVIERly Good Gluten Free Vanilla Cake Mix
All gluten free cake mixes are not created equal. This cake mix isn't awful, it just wasn't....great. And with so many other cake mixes on the market, this isn't one I plan to buy again.This particular mix came in my August Send Me Gluten Free box
I will say that this company is very allergy friendly. As their website states, 
"SEVIERly GOOD GLUTEN FREE is a home grown organic gluten-free baking mix company dedicated to using certified organic, local, and non-gmo materials that specializes in meeting your gluten free baking needs. Our mixes are FREE of: gluten, dairy, soy, bean, nut and corn."