Beyond Basic Provisions Gluten Free Waffle Mixes

If anyone ever wants to get me a gift, it's safe to say that if it's a gluten free food item, I'm probably going to like receiving it. Because, well, FOOD!

My aunt gave us a food basket for Christmas filled with towels, assorted jams, All But Gluten Peanut Granola Bars and two boxes of Beyond Basic Provisions Gluten Free Waffle Mixes. While they make many flavors, French Vanilla and Double Chocolate were in the basket.

We made the French Vanilla waffles when my folks stayed over night. The batter was a bit thick, so I added more water. We made the Double Chocolate waffles when we had a friend over for breakfast on Christmas morning. With out the extra water, the waffles were a bit hard. I've also tried the Praline Royale waffle mix, and while it was good, the caramel bits in it were too sweet. You can find out more about their gluten free mixes, here, but note that they make GF AND non-GF mixes.

When I saw tham at an East Lansing store, there were pretty pricey. But my aunt left the price tag on the boxes she bought us, accidentally, and she had bought them someplace called "Bailey's" in Ohio for $0.99 a box! For that price I would definitely purchase them again. Full price, maybe not.

Double Chocolate Waffles