February 2015 Love It Like It Leave It

Love It
Immaculate Baking Company Double Chocolate Cookie Mix

Fellow bloggers have been raving about these mixes and cookie doughs for some time. I recently found them for $2 a box at Big Lots. This may be the best gluten free cookie mix I have EVER tasted. I also bought the chocolate chip cookie mix, but haven't tried it yet.
I made these for our spaghetti fundraiser at church, for those that needed a gluten free option. Others who don't need to eat GF tried them as well and thought they were delicious!

The cookies were especially good rewarmed with Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream sandwiched in between. If you miss Thin Mints, this ice cream sandwich cookie will hit the spot.

Like It
Pamela's Sugar Cookie Mix


Pamela's makes wonderful gluten free products and have been doing so for a really long time. They are definitely a company that can be trusted. This is the first time that I have tried any of their cookie mixes. (Her pancake and brownie mixes are wonderful!) They rolled out easily and baked well. They were a little bit firmer than I generally like for a cutout cookie, but they were good. A big benefit is that they don't crumble and fall apart like some other GF products.  

Leave It
Birch Benders Gluten Free Pancake Mix
Photo taken from Birch Benders website
If you've been following my blog for a while, you would know that I'm a pancake fanatic. We truly eat pancakes EVERY Saturday. I was really excited when I found this mix inside my Send Me Gluten Free box.
Unfortunately, I wasn't excited about the taste. I made sure to follow the directions exactly the first time we tried them. They were dry and not very flavorful. When my husband made them the second time, using milk instead of water, they were better, but not my favorite.
We also followed the direction on the bag for waffles. They came out hard and dry, and needed a lot of peanut butter and syrup to be palatable.
I think I'll stick with making my pancakes from scratch.

So what new products have you tried lately that you think everyone should know about? Leave a comment below!