February 2015 Send Me Gluten Free Box

February 2015 Send Me Gluten Free Box


The folks at Send Me Gluten Free were generous enough to send me an extra box in February. I wanted to share with you what was in the box. 

Toufayan Wraps  - 
These wraps come in multiple flavors:
Garden Vegetable
Savory Tomato
nogii Whey & Quinoa Protein - Cocoa Chocolate (contains stevia)
Sunny's Gourmet Products Kimchee Seasoning
Le Veneziane Lasagne noodles
Surf Sweets Gummy Bears
Toosum Acai and Cranberry bar (contains gluten free rolled oats) 
Pamela's Raspberry Figgies And Jammies 
Redd Remedies Joint Health Black Cherry Soft Chews
CobraZol Chronic Pain Relief Gel

I'm super excited about the Kimchee Seasoning. I've been reading up on probiotics and prebiotics. To include probiotics in my diet, I've started drinking kefir and continue to eat greek yogurt. While I already eat beans which are a good source of prebiotics, I've been wanting to try Kimchee, which is another food that helps to stimulate good bacteria in the gut.

Free Toufayan Product - The exciting part of this coupon is that Toufayan just debuted gluten free PITA chips at Expo West. Awesomesauce! 
They have the following flavors:
Chili Lime
Salted Caramel
Sea Salt

Rudi's - $1.25 off one product
Jovial $.50 off one product

Black bean wrap made with Toufayan.

Remember. you can get a 20% discount on your own Send Me Gluten Free Subscription, if you enter BLOG20 at checkout.

If you ordered the 12 month subscription (normally $240) and enter the code at checkout, that would bring your total price down to $192, which averages $16 a month. That's almost 50% off their single month price!