Homemade Gluten Free Deep Dish PIzza

I have a confession to make. This blog post is about the first time I've ever had deep dish pizza...ever. My whole life, I don't think I've ever , gf or not, had deep dish pizza.

But thank God, all of that has changed.

Last Christmas I used my large spring form pan to make an apple cake. My memory could be off, but I think it was the first time in our 11 years of married life that I had ever used it. (Or at the very least, not in a VERY long time.) I was super intrigued. What else could I make with it? Searches turned up cheesecake, chicken pot pie, lasagna, and DEEP DISH PIZZA. What?! Why had I never thought of that?

And then life goes on, you forget about such things until one day, miraculously your memory works for once and you say, Oh yeah, I've been meaning to do that.!

Enter Domata Pizza Crust mix. Domata was a vendor at the Lansing Gluten Free Fair in 2014 and they were generous enough to give me a few boxes of their products to try. One of which was pizza crust. Oh yeah.

So I searched the internet for how one makes an authentic deep dish pizza. And then I came across the world's most inspirational recipe. Individual deep dish pizzas made in MINI spring form pans. Which I actually own because I bought them to make hamburger buns. This was going to be EPIC!
(I did make one change- I did not do a top dough crust. There were plenty of recipes that didn't have one, so I figured I would be fine. Besides- extra crust would take away from the cheese!)

So I started with the Domata Pizza Crust mix, following the directions word for word. It was honestly a big gooey blob. I added quite a bit of my Krusteaz flour to make it so it was solid, rollable, and able to be worked with. As I knew I only had 6 pans, I separated my dough into 6 portions, rolling it into a circle probably a good 1-2 inches bigger than the circumference of the pan. This allowed for the dough to fit all the way up the side.

Following the recipe, I placed mozzarella cheese on the bottom. pepperoni, sauteed veggies, then sauce and more cheese. Because, cheese., right?

Loaded with cheese and in the oven!

6 servings of awesomeness!
In all honesty, my husband had fallen asleep on the couch when I was making these. When he woke from his slumber, he was amazed at the smell. Not a bad way to wake up, huh?

And even better, these came perfectly out of the pans. My most recent baking pan purchases have been Wilton products, and I have NOT been disappointed.

While my camera and my photo skills don't do this justice, believe me, they were wonderful. Not only were they great fresh out of the oven, my husband said it was great in his lunch the next day, and they were even still delicious frozen and reheated weeks later. The dough, even though it had originally hard to work with, was very tasty.

While I may not use the Domata flour again, I will DEFINITELY be making these deep dish pizzas again. Hopefully I have encouraged you to try it on your own. If you don't have a spring form pan, I did see some recipe that suggested making  large single deep dish pizza in a cast iron skillet.

***P.S. While Domata's Recipe Ready Flour made AMAZING gluten free chocolate chip cookies, the flour blend did not pass the pancake test, and in general I wasn't pleased with it. I used the seasoned flour according to their recipe. My first attempt wasn't my favorite, but I want to try it again. Their products are also pricey. Honestly, if I was doing a Love It, Like It, Leave It post, I think it would be a "Leave It." Bummer.

So, have you had successes with Domata Flour or with deep dish pizzas. I want to learn from you!

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