Sumo Sushi

One of the biggest things about eating gluten free, at least for me, is knowing that a certain category of food is "off limits." Even if it's a food you can't normally eat, just knowing you can no longer have it makes you want it all the more.

For example, before I was diagnosed, I didn't eat a lot of fried foods. They're not really my thing. But once I was diagnosed, the thought that a whole category of foods was off limits due to food preparation made me eager to have deep fried onion rings, fish, and fried chicken when it's done safely.

While visiting a young friend in Rochester Hills, MI, I used my handy "Find Me Gluten Free" app to figure out a safe location to eat lunch. I noticed that a sushi restaurant was listed, with the comment that they had a dedicated fryer. What?!  Needless to say, we chose to dine at Sumo Sushi.

We tested out their gluten free deep fryer by ordering calamari. If you've never heard of it, it's a fancy word for squid. I have never eaten before, so it as a culinary adventure. It was okay. Slightly chewy, but the majority of the flavor was the breading. Not bad, but I think I've satisfied my calamari curiousity for the rest of my life.

When it came to ordering, it was tough. There were so many choices! Basically everything there but the noodles is gluten free, although only one of their sauces is gluten free. It was between their "lunch box" and the vegetable tempura sushi.

I ordered the vegetable tempura sushi rolls, filled with sweet potato and asparagus. I also ordered a side of edamame, which was quickly shared by everyone else. I liked my sushi, but was always looking at the "lunch box" that our young friend Angela ordered. When we go again (and I so hope that we do!) I will be ordering that!

So, if you're in Rochester Hills and eat gluten free, I suggest stopping at Sumo Sushi. Across the street is a bakery called "Holy Cannoli" that makes gluten free pizzelle cookies as well as made-to-order gluten free cannoli.I highly suggest visiting there. In reality, there are tons of great GF options in Rochester Hills, not to mention there is a Whole Foods AND a Trader Joe's nearby!