Liberation 12

More times than not, our society seems to content to throw things away. Some many things have become disposable- diapers, cell phones, plates, all sorts of things.

And if we're honest, we treat people like they're disposable. Marriages are disposable, children are disowned, women are treated as sexual objects to be used for pleasure and cast to the side once their purposefulness has passed. 

A report was released recently that Michigan has the second highest rate of human trafficking in the country. Did you know that the most common age of women who start becoming prostitutes is 13? Usually these people are already from broken homes, already feeling thrown away and used. 

A business, called Liberation 12, is partnering up with a ministry called AWOL (All Worthy of Love) to raise money to fight human trafficking here in Michigan. 

Liberation 12 was started by a young woman in college, burdened by the plight of prostitution in the greater Detroit area. Wondering what she could do to help, she started doing the one thing that comes naturally to her- sewing. Her boyfriend, soon to be husband, also felt the burden and started in the ministry.

As she is currently working on her college degree, she has worked for a business reclaiming leather and upholstery fabric that would otherwise have been thrown away. She has used her creative sewing abilities to create handheld clutches made from high quality leather and fabrics from Bradington Young and Sam Moore. Just like the pieces she creates, she is trying to use her abilities to help women reclaim their lives, to see that they're not just disposable. She wants them to know that someone truly cares about them and believes in them.

For the entire year of 2015, they are pledging 12% of their gross sales to the AWOL ministry. She is also setting up a $300 scholarship for high school seniors, that will be applied to their college tuition. This scholarship will be given to students who research trafficking and write a response essay.

This is just the beginning. They hope some day to build safe houses for those who have been sexually exploited, to provide them with education and job skills.

And you can help in this ministry. By purchasing one of her handmade clutches, you are helping her and those she works with love on those who feel unlovable.
Visit to see her assortment of clutches as well as handmade scarves. You can also follow them on Facebook at

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