Reuniting with friends at the Chicago GFAF Expo 2015

One of the biggest bonuses of having Celiac Disease is all the new friends that you get to meet.
You become part of a larger community, creating friendships that reach across the globe.
Some of my best #GF #BFFs are not only bloggers, but people that work for some amazing companies.
Just one more added benefit of attending the GFAF Expo!

GF Delights -

Although GF Delights doesn't have new products available, 
they do have some exciting news. Aldi will now be carrying their new
Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Sandwiches! 
Those are by far my favorite! I look forward to seeing
them at the Lansing Gluten Free Fair as well!

Honey Acres

The story behind this company is just phenomenal. The long family 
history of bee keepers is amazing, and knowing that the same family 
has been running this business for decades says a lot. 
Last year I introduced you to their dairy free chocolate mints.
They have two additional flavors- 
Dark Chocolate Orange and Dark Chocolate Cocoa.
Anyway you put them together, it makes for delicious chocolate!

Gluten Free Bar -
The men at The Gluten Free Bar are just so fun to be around! Elliott, on the right, 
is one of the founders of this Michigan Made company. The majority of their products are bars, but they have a new Bites line that is delicious. Their new pb+j bites are so fun.

Enjoy Life -


So, you know how I had that "fangirl moment" in Columbus when I met Beth Hillson?
That weekend I got to meet Joel Warady, THE chief managing officer at Enjoy Life.
I was totally honored that he was interested in taking a picture with me. 
They truly are just about THE nicest company I've ever met, and crazy generous!

And I was really excited to beet the fabulous Carolyn. I've "talked" to her so often
over email, that it was nice to finally meet her in person. 
She's a beautiful person, inside and out!

AND, if you haven't heard, Enjoy Life will soon be selling new allergen free mixes
That's right! You'll be able to make pancakes, brownies and so much more at home!

Sonoma Flatbreads -


Sonoma Flatbreads, in my opinion, are the best frozen gluten free pizzas 
that you can find anywhere. These are my non-gf husband's favorite pizza. 
They have new 6.5 inch versions of their cheese, 
fire roasted vegetable, pepperoni and chicken & fire roasted pepper pizzas.
They were super generous, and sent some to my house. 
I think the fire roasted veg is my favorite!

Bob's Red Mill -
 If you've been following me for a while, you know that I LOVE Bob's Red Mill. 
They've been my go-to flour company since diagnosis. I was lucky enough to snag a 
package of their new "one to one" baking flour. Though I haven't had a chance to use it yet, 
I look forward to experimenting with it! What should I make?

Massel -

Massel was the "blogger booth" sponor for the Chicago GFAF Expo. They gave us all a box
of their assorted stocks and bouillons. The neatest thing about these products-  they're all 
VEGAN. That's right, there isn't any chicken in their chicken broth. 
I absolutely love their stock pouches. It makes great beef stew!

Red Apple Lipstick -

I just LOVE Andrea from Red Apple Lipstick. Even though I honestly don't wear much makeup, I love the care they put into their products and how they care for those who use their products. If you've never visited their booth at a show before, you need to. 
I swear, it's the most fun you'll have ever have buying make up! 

Hangin' with the "girls"


Saturday night was a great time hanging out with some of my favorite GF people. 
Even though we often see each other at events, we're usually busy doing GF related tasks.
It was so nice to sit down in the lobby with them, chat about real life and get to know them so much better. 

Here are a few of us a couple weekends later, reunited in Grand Rapids Michigan. 

So let's grow our gluten free community! What companies or bloggers are your #GF #BFFs?
What's new to you that we should all know about?