Kalemazoo Chips

If someone would have told me when I was in college that I would someday 
be eating kale and loving it, I might think that you didn't know me all too well.

Fast forward to today, and I think they're fantastic. I've had a few different brands of kale chips, some that tasted cheesy, chocolatey, spicy. And they've been from around the country - California, Texas, etc.

But now I can feel good about eating healthy kale chips, made in the state of Michigan, made with organic ingredients, and that my dollars also go to educating children.

Kalemazoo Chips was started by Hether Frayer when she was figuring out what to do with the plethora of kale that she had in her house. After a few years of recipe tinkering and creativity, she finally came up with recipes that she felt good about and thought tasted great. Kalemazoo Chips were born. 

They come in two flavors- Lemony Kick-It and Lime Coconut. While they are both good, I'm a fan of the lemon and my husband is a fan of the lime. They're great by themselves or served with a sandwich.

One of the neat things about this product, is that their profits go towards funding the Fresh Food Fairy. This is an education program geared towards elementary kids, teaching them the benefits of eating vegetables. The Fresh Food Fairy even has a blender bike, in which kids can pedal their way to a tasty treat and think about the energy that is needed to process the food we eat, as well as the health benefits of exercise. 
 They also talk about what is means for something to be "Fair Trade," and how workers and farmers should be treated fairly for their work and how the earth should be treated with respect. 

You can go to the Fresh Food is Fun website to see where you can purchase them locally, or buy them directly from them online. You can also purchase their seasoning packets to make your own homemade kale chips, if like Hether you find yourself with a bounty of kale and are unsure what to do with it!

***I was provided product to sample and review, but am in no way paid for my comments. 
My opinions and thoughts are entirely my own. ***

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