I've never met a nut butter didn't like. It's good on toast, pancakes, waffles, bagels, on a spoon.....

While at the Chicago GFAF Expo, I was introduced to Yumbutter, a line of nut butters that are unabashedly trying to change the world. Seriously, it's on their website, and on all of their packaging. :)


Yumbutter comes in many flavors, but they were highlighting and sharing their organic "Superfood" GO pouches at the GFAF Expo. They come in three flavors - almond butter, peanut butter and sunflower butter. The fellas at Yumbutter were gracious enough to share their sunflower and peanut butter pouches with me.

There are so many things to like about Yumbutter. First, I love that it comes in a pouch. One of my biggest problems when traveling to a family member or friend's house, is the issue of cross-contamination in peanut butter. You know what I mean - they dip their knife in the peanut butter, spread it on their non-gf toast, stick the knife back in the jar- and it becomes a haven of gluten-filled poison for my belly. 

But au contraire mon frere - with this squeeze pouch, this never happens! Happy dance! With this pouch I can just squeeze it right into my mouth if wanted.
(One less knife/spoon to dirty!)

Of course there's the issue if you squeeze out too much...

Wait, too much peanut butter? I don't think such a thing exists!
(So scratch that last thought.) 

Second, I love their desire to change the world. They call their mission "Holistic Responsibility." What is that you ask? Aside from making great tasting nut spreads, they support organics and fair trade, and they use their profits to feed people (not just their pocket books.) They're also a certified B Corporation, a group of businesses that believe that they should be using their businesses to better the world.

 Through their "Buy One : Feed One" initiative, every purchase you make from them helps to feed a malnourished child in Guatemala. They work with a group called Primeros Pasos to feed and give medical treatment and education to children and their families in an impoverished area. 

Third, I love the taste. Of the two that I've tried, I actually like the sunflower butter the best. Each of their Superfood varieties contain chia, hemp seed and goji powder to amp up the nutrition. Their Superfood varieties have at least 6 grams of protein, 250 mg of Omega 3's, and a touch of fiber. It also contains lucuma powder, which is the dried version of the lucuma fruit, grown in South America. This fruit has additional B vitamins and beta carotene, and is often used as a low glycemic sweetener. Check out this video by Phil Lempert to learn even more about its health benefits!

And love. These products are made with love. Says so on the ingredient label. 

Sunflower butter is often a popular option for those who are allergic to peanuts. Because Yumbutter also makes peanut butter, I reached out to them to ask about their cross-contact policies. The lovely Alana shared with me the following information:

"Our Sunflower Butter is made in a peanut free facility, but not a tree nut free facility. We use the standard machine cleaning process between batches, and therefore cannot claim any special steps to avoid cross contamination with anything other than peanuts. Thus, we consider our Sunflower Butter allergen-friendly, but if you have a huge allergy to nuts, we always [suggest] err[ing] on the side of caution."

If you are looking for a sunflower butter made in a completely nut free facility,
you might want to check into Sunbutter.

Yumbutter makes many other intriguing flavors, such as Cran & Coco (cranberry and coconut), Spicy Thai (made with cumin, turmeric and other spices) and Creamy Peanut Butter that's blended with sunflower.

So where can you find these world changing nut butters? You can find it in their home state of Wisconsin, use their store locator to plug in your own zip code,
or shop right from their website. 

So what is your favorite nut butter? Which of Yumbutter's products are you most eager to try? And what's the "weirdest" thing your friends say you put peanut butter on?