New Schar Artisan Bread

"Man shall not live by bread alone..."

As someone with Celiac Disease, this holds especially true. When one is first diagnosed, you learn that your go to item for a quick meal, namely a sandwich,
 is now your sworn enemy and wants to poison you. 
So, you learn to live without bread, find creative way to make sandwiches,
 and give up on toast.

Don't get me wrong, there's lots of gluten free breads out there. But they're just not the same. Many need to be toasted before they're really edible and almost never make a great grilled cheese sandwich. 

Well, Schar is trying to reunite you with your old delicious friend without the gluten. Their new fresh, never frozen,  Artisan Baker breads are soft and ready for your sandwich fixings straight out of the bag. No toasting needed. That is, unless you want toast, which is simply smashing!

But wait. there's more!

French toast and sandwiches and grilled cheese, oh my!

( Apparently I ate the grilled cheese sandwich before taking a was delicious. )

Honestly, one of the things I like about Schar's new Artisan bread is the fact that it is new.
The new Artisan Baker bread is replacing all the original recipe bread.
While their previous bread was okay, they knew it could be better.
I like a company that doesn't just rest on their laurels and do what they've always done, that listens to customer input and strives to do better. 

If your local store was carrying Schar bread, it should be showing up on shelves shortly.
If your store isn't carrying Schar products, make sure to request them.
(Their mulitgrain ciabatta rolls are out of this world!)

**I was given these products to review but my opinions are completely my own.**