Quick and Easy with Path Of Life

I recently met the Path of Life team at the GFAF Expo in Chicago. Their staff was so friendly and their products were so good. And I think the reason I like them so much is because their products are exactly what their slogan says - "simple. wholesome. natural." I recently won some of their products through their #HealthyFriday contest on their Instagram page. Look at all they sent me!

If you've never heard of the Path Of Life brand, they sell frozen quinoa, frozen vegetable, and frozen fruit packages. Oh, and frozen CHOCOLATE covered fruit as well! 

While the frozen quinoa and vegetables are okay on their own, I think they really shine when paired with other ingredients for a truly memorable meal. As we don't have a Chipotle near us (yet..), I've recently been making "burrito bowls," all the burrito fixings in a bowl, served with some sort of grain. Just looking at that beautiful picture makes me want more....

I also paired their Kale & Butternut Squash with roasted chicken, chickpeas and Italian cheese. Kissed with a sprinkle of balsalmic vinaigrette, it was incredibly delicious. Just looking at this picture is making me salivate.  

I was really intrigued by their Southwest Quinoa. Not only is it mixed with black beans and corn, it has happy little bits of mango just waiting to surprise you. I don't usually like mango, but I could definitely go for more of this. It did pair nicely with the Southwest Vegetarian Tamale Bites we purchased at Aldi. 

So, where does one find these wonderful products? They can be found at Meijer and WalMart locations, at least in my area. Use their store locator to find out where you can purchase them!