Wheatless - (Updated July 2016)

When you have Celiac Disease, there's nothing that quite describes the feeling when you walk in to a restaurant and everything is gluten free. 
It's like a mixture of happy tears of relief and giddy school girl all wrapped into one. 
 Did I mention there were deep fried pickles and onion petals? 

On our recent trip down to Nashville we stopped at Wheatless, a completely gluten free restaurant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I first read an article about Wheatless on the Find Me Gluten Free News Feed many moons ago, and it's been on my mental radar ever since. Luckily our path took us right past it! 

These are honestly the best sweet potatoes fries I've ever had. Ever.

And thanks to Wheatless I've had my first ever deep fried pickle!

Not only do they have fresh made meals, they also make baked goods. They bake buns and bread for their burgers and sandwiches, cookies and cupcakes for dessert, and cheesecakes and other extravagant gluten free items.They have specials almost every night of the week, including $4 Pizza on Tuesdays and Kids Eat Free Thursdays (with the purchase of an adult meal). On Sundays they donate 10% of their sales to charity.

We made a point to stop by there on the way home and enjoyed a delicious breakfast. They have the most amazing french toast, slathered in almond butter, covered in bananas, and topped with candied nuts and powdered sugar. My husband chose a healthier breakfast sandwich with fruit, which he really enjoyed.

Not only is everything gluten free, they try very hard to accommodate other food allergies as well. Whether you have food allergies or not, you definitely need to stop here.
The food is truly delicious!

**Update 7/5/16**

My family and I stopped at Wheatless again on our recent trip to Kentucky. They have moved from their previous location (across the street) and have changed their image. What was once a bright and open restaurant is now a bar and grill. Instead of ordering at the counter and having your food brought to you, you are waited upon at your table by a waiter or waitress. Most of the menu remains the same, with entree additions. There is also now a new pizza oven. What is missing is the ability to get breakfast everyday. Which is sad, because they have the most amazing breakfast. You can still order it on the weekend though.

My biggest concern about the new bar and grill model is that they have a liquor license. I'm not against restaurants serving alcohol. My concern is that Wheatless is serving gluten-removed beer. (You can read more about why they make me nervous in my friend Tracy's post, who researched gluten-removed beers.) They do serve many ciders which are naturally gluten-free.

All this being said, Wheatless is still a 100% gluten-free restaurant. Places like these are few and far between, so it's still worth visiting. And we highly suggest ordering the deep-fried mushrooms. 

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