Party with Foster Farms!

There is something so wonderful about eating with your hands. Maybe because as we get older we're told not to do so. Eating with our hands brings us back to our youth, when everything was simple and easy. And I think that is why corn dogs are so fun! You're EXPECTED to eat with your hands!


Foster Farms offered to supply me with all that I needed to throw a gluten free corn dog party. And who better to do it with than the children at our church and the adults who play with them every week. And with a menu that could all be eaten by hand, there were no dishes to clean or silverware to wash!

After everyone's first week back to school, it was so nice to be able to sit down and eat a meal together. The kids REALLY enjoyed the corn dogs. We also had carrots sticks, chips and dip, macaroni and cheese bites, watermelon and whoopie pies.

The whoopie pies were a big hit, as they were made to look like hamburgers. I used a gluten free yellow cake mix and chocolate frosting in the middle to look like a hamburger patty. To help make it look more "real," I topped the frosting with coconut that I tinted green with food coloring so it looked like lettuce. On top of the coconut I used red cookie icing to resemble ketchup.

Adults and children both loved the corn dogs, and for good reason. The Foster Farms corn dogs have the most delicious batter. And it doesn't split and fall off the hot dog like so many other brands that I've tried.
And I can feel safe about feeding them to our kiddos, because their chicken is raised humanely, with as little antibiotics as possible, and their chickens are not fed added hormones or steroids. And these corn dogs are third party certified gluten free through the GFCO, and they have been verified to contain under 10 PPM of gluten.

So what are your favorite things to eat with your hands and 
what foods bring back your childhood memories?  

**While I was reimbursed for my expenses,  my thoughts and opinions are solely my own**