Little Mustard Seed Cafe and Shoppe - Michigan Gluten Free Baker Tour

Gluten-Free Cinnamon Roll at Little Mustard Seed Cafe
Photo Credit: Margaret Clegg

I once visited The Little Mustard Seed Cafe and Bake Shoppe as part of my Top 10 Michigan gluten-free restaurant search. Everything about Little Mustard Seed Cafe is quaint. The small downtown area they are located in is adorable. The decor in their shop is whimsical. The food is delicious and the staff are superb. Even those without dietary restrictions flock here frequently. Why? Because it's simply that good! 

You can read more about their story here. Kathy Cox, the owner, briefly shared about their gluten-free practices as part of the Michigan's Best GF baker tour.

1. What inspired you to become a baker? Why the focus on gluten-free?
My daughter is gluten, dairy, corn and soy allergic. We couldn't find any place to take her to eat, so we decided to create a place where she could eat freely!

2. Are there other highlights of your products? Dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, etc?
We are 100% organic and all natural. We are peanut-free. We have multiple other other allergy friendly items. We make everything from scratch and use sprouted, whole grain flours.  

Little Mustard Seed Cafe Bake Shoppe
Photo Credit: Margaret Clegg

3. What steps do you take to insure that your products are truly gluten-free? 
We are a 100% dedicated gluten-free facility Simply put, we don't allow gluten in our shoppe. We only purchase certified gluten free ingredients.

4 Do you have any stories of customers who reported back to you how important your products have been in their life?
A TON!!!!! There are almost 20 5 star ratings on our Facebook page. We are the only place that many of our gluten free customers feel safe eating at.  

Gluten-free grilled panini, cup of chili and smoothie at Little Mustard Cafe Shoppe
Photo Credit: Margaret Clegg

5. What would you like consumers to know about your products and your business?
That we make everything to be as healthy as possible. We pride ourselves in our ability to accommodate so many allergies.

Little Mustard Seed Cafe
51111 Washignton St
New Baltimore MI 48047
(586) 716- 9255

Open daily at 10:30 am. Closed on Sundays. Visit them on Facebook and Instagram!

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