GR8 Box- Find "Free From" Treats!

Not only is May Celiac Disease Awareness Month, the second full week of May is also Food Allergy Awareness Week. I love that these advocacy campaigns coincide, as is allows us to discuss the differences between autoimmune diseases and allergies. It also allows us to talk about the fact that those with Celiac Disease have other dietary restrictions as well. It's so nice to know that there is a company like GR8 Box that is trying to accommodate the needs of all persons with food intolerances. 

GR8 Box was started by Terri Jordan. After being diagnosed with multiple food allergies, she knew the struggle to find "safe" foods to eat. When you have allergies, it's not enough for the product not to contain the offending allergens; we also have to pay attention to manufacturing processes. Was it made in the same facility as an allergen? Was is made on the same line as an allergen? 

Terri knew that if it was a problem for her, it must be a problem for others as well. Not only are the products in GR8 Box "free from" allergens, they're also manufactured in facilities that are free from that top 8 allergens as well. Imagine getting a box every month of goodies that you know are completely safe for you or your child! 

GR8 Box is also impacting the needs of those with food allergies who are food insecure. They are sponsors of the Food Equality Initiative, a non-profit that seeks to "crease health and end hunger for low-income individuals diagnosed with Celiac Disease and food allergies." I LOVE when companies give back! 

Terri Jordan and her crew want to give to you too! They have agreed to send 1 box to 1 lucky winner! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below. Contestants must live within the continental United States.If you'd like to order a $19.99 subscription of your own, follow this link to learn more! 

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