NKD Pizza- Gluten-Free Pizza You Feel Safe About Eating

Pizza. You love it but now that you're gluten-free, it has become an elusive thing. Sure, you can make one at home, buy a frozen one from the store, but what you REALLY want is to go to a pizzeria with everyone else and just get a really good pizza. I recently had someone tell me that people with Celiac Disease should have "common sense" and simply not eat out, that we should know better than to try to find a celiac-safe gluten-free pizza. Wrong pal, we shouldn't have to live in a bubble. NKD Pizza feels the same way. 

 Below is their #ShamelesslyGood pizza "manifesto." 

NKD Pizza is NOT a 100% gluten-free pizzeria BUT they have a completely dedicated station for prepping their gluten-free pizzas. That means no residual flour. No contaminated toppings. Unique and dedicated pizza pans so it's obvious you have the GF pizza. Dedicated and labeled cutting utensils. It's enough to make this gluten-free gal cry. 

I love that there are so many options. Seriously how do you pick? I think it's neat that the vegetarian pizzas are listed first, with the meat pizzas coming second. How often to vegetarians feel like an after thought? Not here. While these pizza combos are offered, you can also build a pizza with the toppings of your choice. 

With the guidance of Ryan, the head culinary creative genius at NKD Pizza, we chose the Kennett and the Morning Star. The Kennett is loaded with beautiful roasted mushrooms, garlic infused olive oil, mozzarella, grated Parmesan and thyme. 

Ryan insisted we try another pizza as well, so we ordered the Morning Star. The selling point for me on this pie was the artichoke hearts. Look at the beautiful bounty of veggies on that pizza! For those that are also vegan, NKD Pizza has dairy-free cheese as well.

NKD Pizza has more than just pizza. They have gluten-free chicken tenders. BAKED gluten-free chicken tenders. Healthy, crispy and delicious. All of their dipping sauces are made in house. I especially liked the blue cheese dressing. 

I enjoyed everything about our meal. From the pizza to the chicken to the no- HFCS soda, I was incredibly impressed. I was equally impressed with Ryan Helfer, who graduated from Johnson & Wales University. (You know, where Emeril Lagasse and Tyler Florence and Graham Elliott got their culinary degrees?!) He's their director of operations and is the mastermind behind some of their pizza combinations. We spent time talking about his passion for food and his ties to Michigan State University during his younger years.  He was so genuine, it felt like I was catching up with a long time friend. Just like their pizzas, the atmosphere at NKD Pizza is "all natural, with no "artificial" pretense. No scripted welcome, just people putting themselves out there to interact with the public. 

Not only can you get gluten-free pizza and chicken wings, you can get DESSERT! In fact, the only dessert at NKD pizza are the Udi's individually wrapped Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle cookies. These cookies are also soy-free and nut-free. 

Want a discount? While you're waiting for your pizza order, try to find all 20 words, take a picture, post it to Instagram and tag them, and get 20% off your next order! Actually, Instagram and social media is a big part of their business model. They want to interact with their public-and not just about pizza. They want to use their business to talk about healthy diets and curbing diet- related illnesses. Businesses that want to change the world for the better. I'm totally down with that. While there is only the Sterling Heights location at the moment, they plan is to open another 15 locations in the greater Metro Detroit area soon. 
I can't wait for them to take over Michigan! 

NKD Pizza - Sterling Heights 
2100 Metro Pkwy 
Sterling Heights, MI 48310 
(586) 580-7330 
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram 

** While I was given a meal for free, my thoughts and opinions are expressly my own. **