American Gluten-Free: Living Life to the Fullest

American Gluten Free subscription box

I like getting packages in the mail. Don't you? With the advent of the Internet and electronic mail, it seems the only things we get anymore are bills. That and circular ads you just through in the trash. 

Subscription boxes like American Gluten-Free make getting things in the mail a LOT more fun. 
Just look what came inside the July box I received! Who wouldn't love graham crackers and a roasting stick for S'mores? Dried chickpeas?! Count me in!  

August 2016 American Gluten Free Subscription Box contents

The idea behind the Foodie Box is to send you items that you can use to make a meal. They also have a Discovery box with smaller samples so you can get a little taste of the gluten-free dairy-free glory. Everything in these boxes are also "Junk Free." All items are free of artificial flavors, colors or chemicals. Every items is free of genetically modified ingredients as well. 

Meal made with American Gluten Free box items

My husband did foil packets using the Mediterranean Organic Sun- Dried tomatoes and grilled chicken using the Denny Mike's Chick Magnet seasoning. Delicious! Dinner for two is served!

Smores made with Natural Decadence Gluten Free Grahams

And since I was a good girl and finished all of my dinner, we made S'mores. I'm totally in love with the roasting stick with the retractable tines. I was SUPER excited about the Natural Decadence graham crackers, as I've seen bloggers raving about them. Really good. I want to point out the Theo chocolate bar did not come in the box. It contains dairy. 

Natural Decadence S'mores Close Up

Nom Nom Nom! 

Gluten Free Pasta Salad American Gluten Free

Tonight I used the Andean Dream Fusilli to make a great pasta dish. I was really impressed with how well this gluten-free pasta helped up. It had a great texture. I topped it with grilled brussel sprouts, sauteed onions and mushrooms, chickpeas, cherry Craisins, Kalamata olives, Feta cheese and the Garlic Gold Lemon (No Vinegar) Vinaigrette. It was amazing, although it was a bit peppy. The Garlic Gold dressing has quite a kick to it! 

 Visit the American Gluten Free website to learn more about Erika's story, and see the great things they put in their boxes. Sign up quickly before they send out their next order. They ship on the 27th!

** I was supplied with a box for free to review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.**