Franklin USA

Gazebo in Franklin, Michigan
It seems no matter where I roam, I come across a city named Franklin. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Most of these towns are named after Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of our country. In every state I go to, all of these Franklin locations have a nearby gluten-free connection.

Franklin, Tennessee

Located just outside of Nashville, Franklin has the most charming downtown area. Go during the fourth of July and there's a small carnival that has fun for the whole family. There is a really great mall with lots of shopping and a play place for kids. Franklin, Tennessee is where you'll find Burger Up Cool Springs (which is much more allergy aware than their Nashville location) and Mellow Mushroom. The Find Me Gluten Free app lists many more restaurants with gluten-free options that I'd like to research more for the next time I go to Tennessee.

Franklin, Indiana

Franklin is about 20 minutes south of Indianapolis, and is home to Franklin College. Neat fact- it was the first college in the state to admit women. The big draw for gluten-free eaters is Suzy's Teahouse & Bakery. This 100% gluten-free shop makes wonderful sweets, but a major feature is the homemade mini-quiches and the plethora of teas from which to choose. When you're finished with your lunch, take a walk along their green ways that run the length of the village. And if you're a music fan, stop at Frank's Guitars around the corner.

Franklin, Kentucky

Located 25 miles south of Bowling Green, there are admittedly no great gluten-free restaurants here. You can stop at Chaney's Dairy Barn between Bowling Green and Franklin, which was voted best ice cream in the entire state of Kentucky. They don't have gluten-free cones, but the staff was great about getting out a fresh tub of ice cream and a clean scoop, without missing a step. Neat facts about Franklin, Kentucky- June and Johnny Cash were married there, and Kentucky Downs horse racing track is located in Franklin. This European-style turf race course is voted #2 in the country.

Franklin, Ohio

Like most other cities named Franklin, this one in Ohio is small and nestled approximately 30 miles from a major metropolitan area. Franklin, Ohio is located 25 miles south of Dayton. In Dayton you'll find Arepas & Company, a restaurant that specializes in Columbian comfort food. Everything on their menu is corn-based and gluten-free, except for their Tres Leche Cake. This means you can eat fried empanadas, plantains and bunuelos to your hearts content! Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back there right now! Who's up for a car trip?

Franklin Michigan

After finding so many cities named Franklin on our adventures, I had to look to see if there was a Franklin in Michigan. Sure enough, it's in Oakland county just north of Southfield. We stopped at Farmhouse Coffee & Ice Cream, where I was pleased to find they had gluten-free cones! After enjoying our treats and a small walk to the downtown gazebo, we took a 3 mile drive down to Southfield to Renee's Gourmet Pizzeria new takeout location. (Renee's is a 100% gluten-free and nut-free pizzeria.) We chose to order a calzone, since it could be eaten by hand and we were on a road trip adventure. It was big enough to feed us both!

So what's your favorite Franklin? Does your state have a small town feature that deserves a shout out? Write me a note in the comments and maybe that's the next state I'll visit!