Sambuca Cafe

Sambuca Cafe Vassar Michigan exterior

A new restaurant is bringing a fresh way of eating to old downtown Vassar. Vassar is a city that was founded by lumber pioneers back in the 1800's. Katy Derscha and her husband Brian are culinary pioneers, opening a cafe that boasts organic produce, eggs and hormone -free chicken. The biggest draw for me is that everything on their menu is made with gluten-free items. EVERYTHING. 

Sambuca Cafe Vassar handmade tables

I immediately liked the simple woodsy decor. While the Derscha's are trying to bring about new dietary changes to this small town, they still cherish the old and repurposed. The tables at Sambuca Cafe are made from 100-year old wood that was discovered in a local barn. The menu wall is lined with used pallet wood, and the counter is hand-built as well. 

Sambuca Cafe Vassar Coffee menu board

This business started as an outlet for Brian Derscha's love of coffee. He personally roasts their coffee, with three different options offered daily. Someday Brian hopes to wholesale his roasted beans to those in the area. They offer a bottomless cup of coffee for only $3, which is a brilliant idea. My husband, who is also a coffee lover, made sure that was the first thing that he ordered. He said it was delicious! A neat fact- the soaps and scrubs sold at their cafe are made from the recycled coffee grounds! 

Sambuca Cafe Salad in window front

Sambuca Cafe offers a gluten-free menu because of necessity. Co-owner Katy Derscha suffers from Celiac Disease.Therefore, gluten is no where in the facility. It's also free of MSG and high fructose corn syrup. Katy doesn't broadcast this free-from, healthier menu very loudly. She's just focusing on making good food that's good for your health. That's shown by their name choice as well, as Sambuca is a beverage that aids in one's digestion. 

Sambuca Cafe Salad Sandwich and Chips

Sambuca Cafe is open from breakfast until dinner, and offers many menu options. My husband and I stopped in for lunch and chose to split one of their very large Grilled Chicken salads, and a grilled Michigan Chicken Cherry sandwich. All of their salad dressings are housemade, and I really enjoyed my poppyseed dressing. Sandwiches are served with a side of chips and are made on your choice of Bfree "wheat style" or "white" sandwich bread. They also make quesadillas with the BFree wraps, and offer smaller sandwiches made on O'Dough's bagels. If you're in the mood for something sweet, they also have dessert sandwiches, like S'mores or Samoa. Stop by in the morning and you can get an omelette or a bagel to go with your fresh cup of coffee. 

Sambuca Cafe Vassar Theater
Vassar Theater is located across the street from Sambuca Cafe
Sambuca Cafe is more than just a place to stop for food. They hold Open Mic nights every Friday evening from 7pm-10pm. It's a great chance for locals to spend some quality time with each other. Brian and Katy are still doing some remodeling after their summer 2016 opening. They are renovating the back area to install couches and a big screen television. Sambuca Cafe, situated across from the old Vassar Theater, is a great place where the past merges with the present.

Sambuca Cafe
139 E Huron Avenue
Vassar MI 48768
(989) 882- 92020

Hours - Opens weekdays at 6:30 pm, Saturday 7 am, Sunday 9 am.
Closes weekdays 8 pm, weekends 10 pm.

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