Gluten Free Shortcakes...well, more like cupcakes

    I posted on my Facebook page about a week ago that I had found Gluten Free "Bisquick" at Aldi for $2.99 a box. This was their own house brand so I was super excited. Then again, it was a special buy, so it was only there for a limited time. (They also had a GF brownie mix for the same price.) Still, it was at least $2 cheaper than Betty Crocker, so I bought 2 boxes.

Aldi Gluten Free Baking Mix

     I decided to attempt to make shortcakes for my mother in law's birthday, since there was a great deal on strawberries at Kroger. Plus, I decided to make homemade whipped cream...none of that artificial Cool Whip for us! ( I had made the same dessert a few nights before, non-GF, for the men at My Brother's Keeper, which gave me a general idea of what they should turn out like.)
    The directions on the box said that one recipe made 6 shortcakes. I was planning on 8 for dinner, so I decided to multiply the recipe by 1.5, which "should" make 9 shortcakes. So I did my math and I thought I had the right proportions. They did not turn out as I had anticipated.
     I also chose to use my scale to weigh the ingredients versus using measuring cups. This may be the reason my shortcakes did not turn out as I had anticipated. Instead of a biscuit like dough, I ended up with a runny cupcake -like batter. So, I made shortcake cupcakes, using my silicone muffin "tin." It made 10 cupcakes, which turned out fine, I guess. My family enjoyed them just fine, especially loaded with strawberries and whipped cream.

   So, I still have another box in the cupboard. I am contemplating whether or not to try it again. If I do, I will be sure to update you!
     What are some of the gluten free "flops" you have had, and how have you "saved" them? Leave a comment below! You can also read my blog about what I did with a cookie recipe that was a disaster.